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It might be the Sicilian Sun that has served for inspiration to the game’s developers, but take a look at its actual graphics and the African tribal motifs which are present in so many of the slot’s symbols, and I doubt you will find any connection to Italy inside. Edict does have a pretty enough game on its hands though, so there are reasons to like it immediately.

Gameplay wise, you’re going to discover the usual 5x3 reels, which will have 20 active lines. A 500x the stake top jackpot is possible, so you win as much as $20,000 per spin. You also get some serious help from the slot’s Colossal Wilds, while forming winning combinations which will pay both ways.

Betting and Prizes

The bets seem typical for an Edict / Merkur slot machine. As you have 20 lines in play, waiting for their own wager, you select the amount for all of them, and it varies between $0.20 and $40. This means that for each of the 20 lines which are covered, you will be spending between $0.01 and $2.

As for the prizes that you can go after, they’re not exactly spectacular, since the best combo you will form can pay only 500x, or $1,000. Still, if you consider that you have Colossal Wilds present, and that you can get them to help form multiple wins at a time, a jackpot of $20,000 doesn’t seem such an impossible target to have.

The RTP is another point that the game has in its favor. It is set to 96.12%, which means that you can get a decent chance at a good return from the game, about as OK as you would from any other slot actually.

Sicilian Sun Slot Features

Sicilian Sun will not offer a very long list of features, and in fact this is quite simple in that regard. It only offers one feature, and that’s the wild.

Before we get to the substitute, it should be mentioned the way that the game forms its winning combinations, because it makes it a lot easier compared with other slots. You still need three or more matching symbols, but they don’t have to start just from the leftmost reel. They can also be in the middle three positions on a line, or they can touch the rightmost side. Basically, if you have three consecutive symbols on the same line, you get paid.

Getting three symbols for a combo is even easier here, since you get Colossal Wilds to land. These are 2x2 blocks of symbols, which can appear either on the first two reels or the last two reels. Any symbol present with them on a line will turn into a combo, since there will be three symbols next to each other and which can be part of it.

Theme & Design

It’s a Sun themed game, more than it is about Sicily. I don’t actually see any true Sicilian themed symbols inside, most of them appearing African to me. You have a beautiful girl as a companion from next to the reels, a wild horse as a top paying symbol, the Sun Wild, along with idols, drums and handmade axes. The rest are all tribal-style Royals. The graphics are good-enough for such a game, but there is nothing truly impressive here.


Sicilian Sun slot is going to be a good game to play for many, and its Colossal Wilds make it incredibly easy to get paid by forming combinations anywhere on the slot’s active lines.

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