Merkur Gaming New Slots 2018

Merkur Gaming is a developer that’s part of a much larger group. They describe themselves as the international development and sales brand of a German conglomerate called Gauselmann GmbH. The group that they’re in has over 10,000 employees in the world, in 40 countries and with a business volume of more than 2.2 billion per year. Merkur Gaming is a German company and they claim to represent the values of the country when it comes to the quality of the products that they offer. The company is located in Luebbecke, Germany. It’s worth noting that their games are offered through a subsidiary called Edict

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The offer made by Merkur Gaming contains both land based cabinets and slot machines for online casinos. With over 120 slot machines designed so far, Merkur is an important name in the industry, with one of the larger collections of such games. Merkur is also well known for creating gaming cabinets for land-based casinos, so regular gaming establishments can also offer many of the titles that are offered online. As for the online variants of their games, they’re slowly building up a portfolio and I keep seeing new slot machines being released by them.


Over 150 titles have been created by Merkur Gaming in time, and more than 120 of those are slot machines that have been made available online. There aren’t a lot of casinos at this point which will offer their slot machines, but the number is growing each year.

The collection of games that they offer comes in a variety of setups. I’ve seen titles offered by them that have 1, 3, 4, 5 or 7 reels. With paylines, they vary as well, from slots which have just a couple of lines, to others that offer 40+.

Those checking out the themes that are offered in their games will eventually find something interesting to play, but some digging may be required to get there. I’ve seen plenty of games with classic themes, with 3 or 5 reels (Max Slider, Multi Wild, Merkur Magnus 7, etc), along with those inspired by Ancient Egypt (Lucky Pharaoh), fantasy (Phoenix and Dragon, Mystical Pride), pirates (Pirates Arrr Us) and more. Examples of more unusual titles would have to include slots like Pimp It Up (trucking), Velvet Lounge or Voodoo Shark.


Developers that are split between the land-based and the online markets will usually adapt the games from the former, to the requirements of the latter. This often results in slot machines with less than impressive graphics, and often enough with boring themes as well. Graphics wise, I wouldn’t place Merkur’s slots next to those coming from developers that are notoriously good in this area, but at least they aren’t bad enough that you’d be forced to ignore them altogether. If you enjoy the features that they offer, chances are that you’re going to have fun in their games, even if you find a slot which doesn’t have a great look.


As is only natural, if you want something exciting to play, I’d suggest you check out the 5 reel slots that are offered by Merkur, not the ones with 3 reels. Even the simpler games can have something interesting to offer though, and I would give Voodoo Shark as an example of a 3 reel slot which has a Rewin Feature present. The majority of their games will be much less innovative though, offering free spins, bonus games, scatters or wilds, so the usual.


I enjoyed seeing relatively large payouts being offered in Merkur slot machines, and I can give plenty of examples here. You can win up to $15,000 in Voodoo Shark, $100,000 in Vampires, $30,000 in Palace of Poseidon and so on.

Looking at the average Return to Player of their games, I found those to be on the high side as well, the majority being at or above the 96% mark, many others being in the high 95%.