About NewSlotGames.NET

Welcome to NewSlotGames.NET, and please, enjoy your stay with us! We’re a team of slot machine players, and we all enjoy playing this type of casino game. We keep busy adding information to this site, and writing reviews for all the new games, as soon as we have access to them.

Gomer – Founder

Gomer is the site owner and the one that works to build this site. Always interested in a good casino game, and trying them out as soon as they come out, Gomer has a lot of experience in this industry. He spends a lot of time trying to improve his site and adding content to it, making sure you’re getting news and game reviews as soon as there is something new to report.

Alex – Writer

With over 5 years of experience in writing about slot machines and doing casino reviews, Alex spends his days spinning the reels of all the new releases and taking notes on what happens. He knows what players care about most, and makes sure to give you all the information you could need, so that you can decide on what slot machines are worth playing, and which casinos you should be signing up with.

Vicatsu – Designer

Vicatsu is the site’s designer, and he’s the one working on making it all pretty for you. From the interface, to graphics and thumbnails, he creates the images which help make the site easy to navigate and the articles attractive.

On gambling and keeping yourself safe

Ultimately, our goal with this site is to help you guys find slot machines that you can have fun with, and which give you the best chance to achieve what you want from them. Whether you want games with a bit of risk and high rewards, or low volatility slots which are fun to just spend time with, we have reviews for all of them.

You do need to keep in mind that safety is important as well though. Set limits for yourself and make sure you keep them and you stop gambling when you have to. That way, you don’t end up losing more than you can afford to. We all know that gambling has both lows and highs, often enough more of the former than the latter, so keep safe and know not to go too far when you’re not doing well.