Black Hole Slot Machine

High RTP 5-digits jackpot

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Black Hole, which is one of the Edict slots, features space related graphics in the background, though the reels are mostly populated with classic pub fruit symbols. Not very impressive to look at, it manages to surprise with some of its features, particularly the Cashpot option.

You will be playing on 5x3 reels, but only 5 active lines are in use as you do so. Rewards as high as $20,000 will come, though you will have to work for them, as they trigger via the Cashpot feature. With wilds on its reels, the game might seem very simple at first, but its ladder wins introduce a new element, which make it fairly interesting to at least try out.

Betting and Prizes

Something that seems to be common for most newest slots, the betting range is available through a new menu, which opens when you click on the Bet Value button. The values listed go from $0.10 to $20. You just pick the wager that you can afford to use, before clicking on Spin.

As for the prizes that the game will deliver, the highest that you can get by completing a ladder is $20,000 (1,000x total stake). As the ladders can reset, it’s not a guarantee that you will hit that level, even if you play for a very long time.

The game’s RTP is a matter of using the right strategy in it, which would mean either collecting wins immediately or waiting until you get to a high level. It’s not quite clear which is the best route to take, but we know that the highest RTP value is 96.55%.

Black Hole Slot Features

Feature wise, and when it comes to how you get paid, Black Hole can be quite different from every other slot machine, even though its classic theme might not suggest that.

The game shows you a ladder for each of the different types of symbols which can form combinations on the slot’s lines. Each combo formed will take you up the ladder by one position. Some symbols have higher value ladders, others will offer less. When combinations are formed, you are then given three options. You can collect the funds from the Cashpot, you can partial collect them, or you can Spin the reels again and keep going. You can choose to collect the funds from the Cashpot at any point after that, but only if the ladder didn’t reset.

You can lose your progress and winnings, by getting the Black Hole symbol. It resets all ladders, and you end up losing the Cashpot.

There is a feature symbol to help out as well, a Star symbol which will act as the wild. You have it on the reels, acting as a substitute and helping you form wins, same as always.

Theme & Design

The background image might put the action in space, but the majority of the symbols you’re seeing will be of classics. The two exceptions are the very rare Black Hole symbol and the Sun Wild. Otherwise, the list has on it a golden 7, strawberries, stars, plums, melons, cherries, lemons and grapes. As you can see, they’re all standard options, borrowed from older games, and the graphics look quite dated as well. It’s far from a great design.


Black Hole manages to deliver a unique experience, thanks to its Cashpot feature, but disappoints if you’re the type of player to need a pretty design as well.

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