Space Spins Slot Machine

Legendary slot provider Multi-Reels slot 5-digits jackpot Multi-Paylines slot

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This new Wazdan slot will show us the beauty of space once again. We’re being placed in front of a screen, onboard a space ship, and we look at the beauty of Universe from there, with stars in the distance, planets nearby, while shooting stars move from one edge of the screen to the other. It’s a beautiful game, and Space Spins also comes with fun features, so there are good reasons to check it out already.

A big game area, with 6x4 reels, will have a total of 40 paylines in place. For its list of features, we get mostly regular options, such as wilds, scatters and free spins. The top rewards which are paid in the best rounds of this game, will reach 1,000x total stake.

Betting and Prizes

It’s going to be very easy to place a wager in Space Spins, and to then play the game. You have 40 lines, with coins set to $1 or $2 each, so the range appears to be fairly small there. The lines are fixed at all times.

With the game area filled by wild symbols, this slot is capable of paying up to 1,000x total stake to the player, which is an OK payout. At the same time, it’s an amount that a lot of other slots will surpass without problems.

Wazdan slots have something that others don’t, and that’s the Volatility Level. It can be set to Low, Standard or High, and it changes the gameplay style, giving you wins of smaller or higher value, more frequent or rarer, depending on the option that’s selected. This way, you can play a game and get a different experience, compared with others, if they go for another setting. The top payout remains the same though, at 1,000x.

Space Spins Slot Features

Even though it has a huge game area, with 6 tall reels, the slot will mostly offer the standard features, which we can get from other games as well.

One of those features is the wild, with the image of a logo against a colorful gemstone design. A substitute most of the time, this symbol is also capable of being part of regular winning combinations by itself. It pays up to 1,000x when that happens, so it’s got the highest potential of any combo in the game. As a replacement, it can’t take the place of scatters, but otherwise there are no limits.

Moving on, we’ll take a look at the scatter symbols next. As these symbols need to appear a certain number of times (3 to 6), but in any random positions, they got their name from the ability to do their job while scattered. The game will give you 10, 15, 20 or 25 free spins, for those 3 to 6 symbols that appear.

Theme & Design

The space-based theme is very well done. You get the impression that you’re sitting on a viewing deck, in some spaceship. You have space on the other side of the window, with planets, stars and comets all present in view. The game is gorgeous, and even though the reels are filled with images of crystals, it still manages to be appealing. The only symbol which is clearly different from the rest, would be the UFO scatter.


Space Spins, though a fairly simple game feature wise, also has certain elements which make it a unique choice. The presence of the Volatility Level option from Wazdan is always a plus as well.

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