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Spinball Slot Machine

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Spinball is quite far from your typical slot machine, and Tom Horn Gaming seems to be trying to offer something unique and different with it. Scheduled for release in December 2019, this is a slot machine which is not going to have the usual reels and lines that most such games come with. The inspiration is clear, as the arcade game of Pinball has been used there.

An unusual game, Spinball will feature options like Bouncers, the Left Ramp Booster, with the possibility of reaching a Free Spins Path. It’s a slot machine, and yet it’s combined with a pinball machine, and the result is closer to the latter than the former. Wins of up to 1,440x the stake are possible, which would mean that you could turn a $100 wager into a $144,000 jackpot. RTP being at 96%, it might look like an arcade, but it will still pay as well as any slot.

Betting and Prizes

Wagers are easy enough here. You have to select a bet for the entire game area, without any connection to lines or individual winning combinations. You simply click on the Bet button, to open up a new menu, with the values listed there ranging from $1 to $100.

As for the rewards which are made possible inside, Tom Horn announced that Spinball will pay at most 1,440x the stake, which would mean a payout of $144,000. There are no individual wins that you can form here, just spots where the ball can hit and get you paid.

They also mention that the game’s volatility is designed to be Low, so you win often and you remain invested. It’s not a game that will ruin you quickly, which is good for the average player, but it doesn’t have huge potential either.

Ultimately, the game manages to get you a decent return, being expected to pay back 96% of what’s wagered inside.

Spinball Slot Features

It’s considered a video slot, but it will not be quite the kind of game that you might be expecting.

Spinball relies on several types of features, which we will describe below.

Bouncers: these will insure that players will hit big in every spin, so that they don’t walk away empty-handed.

Left Ramp Booster: this is a feature which will deliver big wins.

Free Spins Path: get the ball here, and you could win 5 free games. A bit of a downside, would be the fact that you can’t get additional free spins.

Theme & Design

The inspiration for Spinball’s theme comes from the old arcade game of Pinball. It’s been turned into something modern and exciting, and the slot uses clear and crisp graphics, along with the right soundtrack, to give you a proper slot machine experience. You click on the Spin button, to get the ball to shoot up into the game area. From there, it will behave like it would in any pinball machine.


Spinball is a unique game, without any regular reels or lines, and yet it can pay as well as a regular slot, it has low volatility and it can certainly be fun. Mostly, it will be a good pick for the players that loved pinball games back in the day.

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