Digest #2: Chipmonkz, LetsGiveItASpin, Juicy Fruityyy etc.

Streaming has become a trending occupation for many YouTubers. Not only gameplays but also the exclusive wins at the world’s greatest casinos have been making their way for the video streamers to let the battle of exceptional gambling begin.

To save you some time, we have compiled the most amazing winning events and highlights of the past week. So if you are ready to take a look at some amazing YouTube gambles of the beginning of February, let’s get started.

The 3 Most Impressive Last Week’s Wins – Our Choice

Here are the week’s main events in the gambling streamers’ world.

1. “WORLD RECORD SLOT WIN” - Chipmonkz Slots

WORLD RECORD SLOT WIN - Chipmonkz Slots 

Chipmonkz has got you an interesting streamer review of one of the best world record wins in the game of slots at the San Quentin slot game over the online slots. This amazing slot win didn’t involve any major high stakes or hit the max bet criteria. However, it was still able to grab one of the best slot wins of 2021 thus far. 

The game played is the Lockdown Spins, and the bonuses were the main king of the game. Or it can be stated that the multipliers took the game away. It involved the 12 stakes of 20 cents each, and the multipliers made the wins phenomenal. The accurate combination of symbols and the 16 times multiplier made the game unforgettable.

The main attraction of the game was the growing amount of money from $860 to $3878. Despite having a dead spin, this game was able to make some really good money at a stake of just 20 cents. The game also included a win through a multiplier. If you ever think about what multipliers can do, you have to make your way to this exceptional slot win, as it has increased multipliers up to 30 times!

VideoWORLD RECORD SLOT WIN (unbelievable)

2. The Exceptional Big Win on Deadwood - LetsGiveItASpin

The Exceptional Big Win on Deadwood - LetsGiveItASpin

The massive YouTube slot win this week took place on the Ultra Casino, and it was reviewed by none other than one of the best gambling streamers, LetsGiveItASpin. The Deadwood slot win has been certainly amusing and incorporated various bonuses and multipliers. The wild symbol got to be the most eye-catching feature in the game.

This game came out with the overall wins of € 6321.00 at just 9 spins total. The multipliers were up to 19 times, and the amount invested - about €426. The player chose Gunslinger spins with the sticky multipliers. Its wild symbols started coming off at the early stage of the game only. As the game incorporated 576 ways to get the win, they also got an additional spin.

VideoMega Big Win on Deadwood!

3. A Mega Bonus! Was That Worth for JuicyFruityyy?

A Mega Bonus! Was That Worth for JuicyFruityyy?

One of the most popular online streamers is Juicy Fruityyy. Now, this is the third fun event that happened last week in the slots casino sphere that has the potential to make you stunned.

The slot was the Wild Swarm, and the deposit made was $4168. The initial part of the game came out with an excellent win of $1097. 50. It came with 7 free spins as well. The wild symbol and a lot more things came out with mega wins and big hits. Overall, it came out with a 45 times multiplier that made the winnings extensive. 

Using the bonus, the deposit was increased to $12 417, and the next win was $1320. It further came out with a win of 3.4K, then came up the multiplier of 20 times. The bets for each spin were $40, and the deposit increased to $20 717 that started to enhance the parameter. The free spins were also interesting in the game.

Overall, the game came to an exorbitant amount of spend up to $37 458 that only lasted to enter the Swarm mode of the slot, which granted 10 more free spins. Don’t you want to know what happened next? The Wild Swarm’s exotic mode came out with a total win of $10 592.

VideoI spent $37,500 on a WILD SWARM MEGA BONUS *RAW* (STAKE)

Some More Events You Don’t Want to Miss!

Now you know about wins of the week we loved the most, but there are also events that will not fail to impress. Here are our three picks of side events of the first week of February.

A Bonus Worth € 10, 000 by AyeZee

The AyeZee casino streamer has taken a chance on the Gems Bonanza slot with an investment of 10,000 €on the bonus. This slot is created by Pragmatic Play, and the game began with €2000. However, did it turn out well? Growing to the wins at 1.5 and 2K, the game seemed to incur considerable losses. 


Madame Destiny Megaways Slots – Another Win by LetsGiveItASpin

The exclusive slot came out to be quite interesting for Philip. The cash out of €7000 was certainly amusing. Besides, we also loved the part with the 25 times multiplier. To get the full action, take a look at the stream for yourself.  


Big Win on Wild Water by CasinoDaddy

The exclusive win grabbed at the TSARS Casino was served at the beginning of last week by the CasinoDaddy streamer and has been played on the Wild Water slot. This NetEnt slot win was massive, resulting in 164 232 coins. To know how it happened, check out the streamer at CasinoDaddy.


Stay Tuned for the Next Week’s Updates

Overall, there were some fascinating YouTube slot wins this week alongside some extremely painful losses. Take a look at all of these interesting ideas and make your way to grab some exceptional skills and luck for your next online casino adventure. Anticipate your interests with these highlighted events of the week, and come back for updates next week!