Midas Touch Slot Machine

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Rival Gaming has chosen in Midas Touch to use as a theme a cautionary story that comes from the antiquity, but unfortunately they went with a classic slot machine layout for it. Whether or not you’re going to enjoy the design or the action of this slot machine is up to you, but I’m certain either way that it’s going to have a limited audience.

For Midas Touch, the developer chose the layout of a classic slot machine, being the sort of game that will sport 3x3 reels and 3 active pay lines. This game can offer a reward no higher than $10,000. When it comes to the features which are available, it’s a bit light in that area as well, with only a wild symbol to its name.

Betting and Prizes

The bets are taking into consideration things like the number of active lines, how many coins are each one getting, plus the coin denomination. You can have a coin value that is worth between $0.01 and $5, with up to 3 coins chosen for each line. You can also pick how many of the 3 lines you want to use. The game’s complete range for its bets will be from $0.01 to $45. The most that you can use for a single line is $15.

The game will give the player a bit of a bonus when it comes to the top jackpot, if you’re using 3 coins per line, instead of 1 or 2. While using 1 or 2 coins will get you rewards of up to 500 coins for each one that is selected, with 3 coins the jackpot is at 2,000 coins. As for the value of that jackpot, at most it can be worth $10,000.

In the end, the profitability of a game is best judged by looking at its average RTP, so you know what you’re getting yourself into if you play it more than a few spins. In the case of Midas Touch, we are getting a slot machine with an RTP of 94.67%, which is OK for a classic game, but slightly below what a modern title tends to have.

Midas Touch Slot Machine Features

Slot machines like this one, with fewer reels and paylines, also tend to skimp on the features. That’s what is happening with Midas Touch as well, where there is only a wild symbol to help you make more money. A combination of three Midas Touch Logos is going to be the ideal solution for an active line, since you win the jackpot this way. However, even getting only one or two logos can help you out, if it means getting a winning combination thanks to them. There are no multipliers offered by the wild unfortunately.

Theme & Design

Midas Touch refers to an ancient king’s ability to turn anything he touched into gold. It’s what got him killed in the end, since he couldn’t feed himself anymore. It’s a bit of a cautionary tale, one that has survived to this day. There are a lot of things turned to gold in the design of Midas Touch, and you see it mostly in the background. If you check out the symbols though, those are the ones that you always seem to have in these games, sporting either logos or images of fruits. (cherries, plums, limes, watermelon, oranges and pears).


Midas Touch has a slightly better design than the average 3 reel slot, but otherwise feels the same as any other game that it competes with.