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World Football Slot Machine

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Are you a football fan that’s looking for something interesting and related to play, either for the 2018 World Cup or at any point after that? Then you should check out the latest game offered by Red Rake Gaming. It’s called World Football, it’s inspired by a football competition since one is going on as the game is released, and it’s a video bingo title. It might not be your usual cup of tea if you’re usually a player of slot machines, but it can be just as exciting to play, as you will find out for yourself.

As for the offer that the game makes, it’s a bingo game with four cards that you’re trying to complete and with a total of 17 possible patterns which will bring you rewards. There are 10 extra balls available, plus different bonus phases to go through, one involving a mini game that uses football shirts, the other with a penalty shootout. Each of the 4 cards has 3 lines and 5 columns that numbers can appear on. Wild balls and free balls are available among those 10 extra balls.

The creators of this game wanted to make sure that everyone will have a chance to play it, and so they used HTML5 technology, same as in their regular slot machines. This means that it’s going to be just as easily accessible on mobile and desktop devices.

Betting and Prizes

The Total Bet is the only part that you have to consider when you’re setting up the wager for your rounds. You pick the total amount, and it’s used for all four cards, since there is no way to deactivate some of them. You have a minimum bet of $0.20, while the maximum one is $60. Each of those four cards gets between $0.05 and $15.

Since it’s a Bingo game, you need to complete certain patterns to win prizes. Depending on which you get, you win anywhere from $30 to $22,500, while using the highest bet available.

World Football Slot Features

You can see at the top all the patterns that will get you paid, or which will trigger the special bonus features.

10 extra balls are provided in the game, and they will give you a Wild Ball that will be a substitute for another, but there are also Free Balls to consider.

As for the bonus features that can be triggered in the game, those revolve around two mini games that are both football related.

First, we have a mini game that revolves around the jerseys of the participating teams, and you must pick from them, to get a reward.

Second, there is a penalty shootout inspired feature, a mini game that asks you to pick the direction of the penalty shot. Depending on what is the goalie’s reaction to the shot, you can score or miss.

Theme & Design

Besides the obvious Bingo related elements, the game is entirely inspired by football. It’s not necessarily evident that it uses the World Cup from Russia as a model, but it’s football related and it should be just as fun to play even years after this event ends.


Whether you enjoy video bingo in general, or you just want a change from the usual football themed slot machines, World Football can be a good way to unwind and experience something different.