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Tiger and Dragon Slot Machine

Modern slot provider Multi-Reels slot 6-digits jackpot Mega-Paylines slot

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Games with ultra high volatility and many thousands of ways to win seem to be all the rage right now. Tiger and Dragon is one such slot machine, though Red Rake has taken it one step further than the competition, delivering way more ways to win and rewards to match the game area.

Pretty much every aspect of Tiger and Dragon has been taken to the next level, and what better example I could give you of this, than the 1,000,000 ways to win which are available on its 6x10 reels. There is a limit on the payout which can be won, due to the extreme potential of the game otherwise, and that maximum value is set to 20,000x the stake. Among the features involved, you will find the Tiger and Dragon Roulette, free spins, respins and infinite multipliers.

Betting and Prizes

Look at the top right corner, to find the betting options. These start at the $0.20 mark, and they can reach a value of $35, when highest. You get 1 million ways to win in exchange, so I’d say that it’s a fair deal.

Since we know that the game’s winnings have been limited to 20,000x the stake, we can calculate that the absolute highest jackpot paid out in Tiger and Dragon can be valued at $700,000. As the best paying combination will pay $1,750 (50x the stake), you will need 400 of those ways to be fully covered by jackpot symbols, in order to get paid that much. Of course, it’s even easier than that, if you get the multipliers to apply to those wins.

Tiger and Dragon Slot Features

I think you will agree that the game stands out, and a lot of that has to do with its 1 million ways to win. Symbols need to be of the same type, on neighboring reels, to form combinations of 3 to 6 icons.

The part that allows them to offer this many ways to win is the presence of non-winning symbols, which often occupy a large chunk of the game area, yet they’re not capable of forming combinations.

In order to access the free spins, you need winning combinations first. These will activate elements found on the Bonus meter, to the left. Activate them all, to reach the free spins. You can also get to them via 5 respins or more, if they come in the same round. A big pro of the free spins is that they have infinite multipliers, starting at 1x and going up after each respin.

A Roulette Mini-Game will start once you’ve accumulated non-winning symbols in the special panel. You pick one of the two sides, after which the roulette spins and if you’re lucky it will land on a spoke which belongs to your creature.

Cascading Reels will remove winning symbols and will then bring others to the reels. They can lead to the free spins feature, if 5 or more respins occur in a single round.

Theme & Design

It’s a Chinese-style theme, one which features two of their legendary creatures, the White Tiger and the Green Dragon. You see these creatures in a lot of Chinese slots, particularly the latter. Several symbols with Chinese writing turned into logos are also in play, as are playing cards and a non-winning symbol which has both creatures present.


Tiger and Dragon looks like an interesting pick, has awesome potential and 1 million ways to win, but it also gets a non-winning symbol which can’t form combinations, the way through which they limit the game’s potential.