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Duplicats Slot Machine

Legendary slot provider 5-digits jackpot

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Duplicats is a new casino game that’s announced by Realistic Games, and it’s going to be based on jungle felines. With rather crude graphics revolving around these jungle creatures, the slot will propose some interesting features as well, as you’re about to read below.

The game’s top prize is going to reach 200x total stake ($20,000), which is fairly low for any slot machine. Its layout has 5x3 reels and it will rely on 10 active lines, in order to form its wins. The expected volatility for a game like this would be a low one, with wins coming your way fairly regularly. Two types of wild symbols are available, each one with a different set of symbols that it can work with, while the Duplicats feature is the one that seems to provide the little amount of excitement that this slot will deliver. Even RTP wise, with the announced 95.62%, the game will not do a lot to impress us.

Betting and Prizes

You click on the Bet display, shown at the bottom, to open up a new menu. It will list all available bet values, the range for them being between $0.20 and $100.

Though a single winning combination will offer up to 100x total stake ($10,000), the most that a single round will pay is 200x, or up to $20,000. It’s rather easy to hit the game’s cap that way, which is a shame, since the slot shows that it could offer up to 1,000x if there wasn’t a limit in place.

The slot disappoints in one other area, when it comes to the Return to Player, which is set to 95.62%. This tells us that there was room for a higher top jackpot, but the developers got greedy and placed that very low cap.

Duplicats Slot Features

One of the major features introduced with this slot is going to be called Duplicats. It requires that you get 5 cat symbols on the same line, whatever it is, and in exchange the game will trigger this bonus, where the symbols morph and end up giving you a winning combination with 5 cats of the same type.

The only two other feature symbols that you’re given, will both be wilds. One of them is the Lion Wild, which is the symbol capable of forming the slot’s best paying combinations (up to 100x total stake for five Lions on a line). This one is a replacement for the feline symbols, so it can take the place of high value icons only.

Second, we have a symbol which has all four card suits together. It’s the second wild, which you can use to substitute for a low value symbol only.

Theme & Design

As a slot machine with jungle themed graphics, Duplicats will feature that kind of environment in the background image. Green and full of trees and leaves, the jungle has the set of reels in the front. Symbols range from card suits with fairly basic graphics, to various types of felines (lions, panthers, tigers, house cats). I didn’t enjoy the design quality here, the felines which are used as symbols were too crudely drawn.


While it has at least one unique feature to call its own, the slot seems to do everything wrong otherwise. It has a small RTP, low top payouts and it’s ugly, so I’m not sure that the Duplicats feature can save it.

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