Rabcat Slot Games 2021

Rabcat is an Austrian company that has been established back in 2001. They are developers that offer high quality online slots and these days Rabcat Gambling's content is available through Microgaming's and Yggdrasil's platforms. The company is part of Win2day, which is a platform that is run through Casinos Austria AG and Austrian Lotteries.

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Rabcat is available at some of the biggest online casinos around today, thanks to the partnership that they have with Microgaming. It’s a casino that fulfills the strict requirements of the UK Gambling Commission and so they have a gaming license that was issued by them.


Rabcat was established in 2001, in Vienna, Austria, as a company with two major brands. One is related to game graphics, and it’s been part of a lot of big projects in partnership with companies like Disney or Blizzard. On the casino side of things, we have Rabcat Gambling, which delivers impressive content for online casinos. They offered games for a long time for the German speaking market mostly, but then recently they started translating their games to English and offered them to Microgaming and Yggdrasil platforms in the English-speaking market.

Rabcat Casino Games Features

The company offers a wide variety of casino games, all for online use. There are regular casino games, video poker and slot machines in their collection and they have in common the awesome quality of their design.

Rabcat’s greatest hit in recent years has been the Castle Builder slot, which was recently followed by Castle Builder II. They continued to release new slot games, some of them translated from German, with online casinos receiving the likes of Moby Dick or Gnome Wood. This is one of the companies that have innovated in the online gaming industry, not something that all of them can claim.

Now, when it comes to selected themes, you will have several titles that have interesting stories, and generally I found that they’re not going for the common angle. You have the likes of Castle Builder 2, which sees you create castles for princesses, as you advance in level, or others like Moby Dick where you’re being told an old story that is highly appreciated. On the more common side, you have slots like River of Riches, which revolves around Ancient Egypt and adventure, or a slot like Treasure Heroes. I’d say that the majority of their content can be considered modern and partially unique, as usually they can find an angle that hasn’t been done before.


Graphics wise, this is an area where the company excels. As I mentioned before, there are two companies that share the Rabcat name, but the other one is focused on providing movie and video game companies with game art. Naturally, this spills over into the online casino business as well, and on average I’ve found Rabcat slots to be some of the best looking in the industry. Nikola Teslas Incredible Machine is an excellent example of this, as is a realistic game like Sherlock of London, or a more cartoonish one like Tropical Wilds.


If the Castle Builder series of slot machines is anything to go by, Rabcat is capable of delivering impressive and unique features, which are going to be highly enjoyable for players. That particular series, which made Rabcat famous and which won them awards, is based on a multi-level system that is interactive, and which also includes regular features such as bonus games, wilds, expanding wilds or free spins. Go to another game, one like Gnome Wood perhaps, and you will have Wandering Wilds and free spins. In Moby Dick, it’s going to be a Win Freezing Feature that is unique.

Every single game that they put out seems to have a unique or rare feature included, which makes them a developer that’s worth looking at whenever they release a new title.

Rabcat Slots RTP and Payouts

Rabcat games tend to pay relatively well, and the average Return to Player will be somewhere around 96%. It’s at that number for Moby Dick or River of Riches, at 96.54% for Forsaken Kingdom and as high as 97.75% when you’re playing Castle Builder II.

Looking at the actual value of their top jackpots, meaning the amount that you can get from the best combination that can be formed, you will find some with huge rewards of up to 20,000x the line stake, while many of the others will be set to just 1,000x.