Mayana Slot Machine

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Mayana is a newly announced slot machine that is available at Quickspin starting from October 2017. The obvious inspiration for this slot machine comes from the Mayan civilization, so it’s one of the many South American themed titles available these days.

There are things that set this game apart as well, such as its start as a 3x3 reels title, with the ability to expand to 5x3 reels and to go from the initial 27 ways to win, up to 243 ways. Payouts of up to 60,000 coins are announced for it, plus an average RTP that works well in this day and age, being set to 96%. The features of Mayana include respins, random features and multipliers.

Betting and Prizes

A wager in a Quickspin slot will usually start from just $0.01 per line, which means a total of just $0.25 in the case of Mayana. It’s not that the game has 25 lines, it just pretends to since that makes wagering easier than if you had 27+ ways to win to cover. You have a complete range for your bets that is from $0.25 to $100, so the most you seem to be able to use on a line bet is $4.

Up to 20x multipliers are available in the game, and they will be used to improve your wins considerably. The biggest ones are going to get up to $60,000. The announced RTP, of 96%, is good enough for a slot machine announced for 2017.

Mayana Slot Features

Mayana’s gameplay style is not unheard of, but it is unusual if you compare it with most slots that are released right now. You start off with 3x3 reels active, but with two additional columns to the sides blocked off with large stone squares. You unlock additional positions for the game area and you get more ways to win by first forming combinations on the 3 reels that you start off.

Any winning combination that you form will have as a result the locking of those symbols in their position, and the triggering of a respin. The game gives you additional positions from the other two locked reels as well, and an increased multiplier for any wins that you might get. To form a combination, you need for three matching symbols to be connected, and they can start from the right, from the left, or they can be in the middle of a line.

The Mucha Mayana feature can trigger at random, and it can give you even bigger multipliers than those obtained from the respins. You can get a multiple of up to 20x to improve the last win that you get from the respins.

Theme & Design

As its theme, the game got the Mayan civilization, which along with the Aztecs and the Inca people have been the topic of countless slot machines already. Mayana does it in a more charming way though, and the symbols you see on the reels are cuter and easier on the eyes than most. You have images of red priests, of predators from the jungle, but also of more than a few gemstones with a similar cut and different colors.


Overall, Mayana is a slot machine to consider and then to play as well. Its unique gameplay style insures that you will find it interesting at the very least.