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Wizard Shop Slot Machine

High RTP Modern slot provider Fantastic graphic 5-digits jackpot Multi-Paylines slot

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Wizard Shop might not be a very rare game in terms of the theme that is used inside, but check out what it has to offer, and I’m sure you will change your opinion based on the layout and the way the slot is played. It is a slot machine that is offered by the guys working at Push Gaming.

You can have 5 reels in Wizard Shop, but when it comes to their size, things are definitely not the way you’re used to, with 6 symbols being shown on each one. The game is using 50 active lines for each of its rounds. You will be able to take advantage of scatter symbols, free spins, bonus games, multipliers, wilds, so there is a pretty long list of features in it. The biggest wins appear to be going up to $15,000.

Betting and Prizes

When you’re placing your bet, you’re only going to have to decide on the value of the total amount that will be used per spin. You have a minimum value of $0.25 and a maximum one of $100, with plenty of options for you in-between. All this time, there will be 50 active lines, which is something that can’t be changed.

In terms of prizes, they seem to go as high as $1,500 when you have the highest wager placed, but with certain advanced features providing you with multipliers that can reach 10x. In theory, you could get up to $15,000 from a single win. Plenty of other features are present and can improve your winnings, as evidenced by the excellent 97% average RTP available in this game.

Wizard Shop Slot Features

Two of the feature symbols which were introduced in the game are going to be used as wilds. One shows the image of the Golden Wizard, the other has the Wild logo on it. Both can form their own combinations, paying up to $1,500, but the Golden Wizard is available only during a feature called Wizard Wild, while the other one is available for the free spins.

To reach Wizard Wilds, you need a full reel occupied by regular Wizard symbols. When this happens, you get a feature out of them, where these symbols are turned into Wizard Wilds on all reels.

As you play the game, you will sometimes find silver or gold coins appearing at random. These are collected and kept in a Bonus Bank. These coins are going to be used in the Wizard Shop, when triggered.

Getting into the Wizard Shop requires that you have scattered Scroll symbols on at least three reels. 12,000 bonus coins are added to the active bonus bank. You will have 10 free spins, during which you will be using upgrades that you buy with the bonus coins.

Among the available upgrades, which you can buy with the bonus coins for the free spins, there will be extra wilds or multipliers. There will be the option to add 50 to 250 wilds to the reels for example, so they will make appearances much more often. You could also increase the multiplier for all your wins, taking it from 2x to 10x. You can also get bigger payouts in exchange for each scatter symbol that makes an appearance.

Theme & Design

Wizard Shop is a gorgeous game, a slot machine where you can see highly detailed images from inside the shop of a wizard. You get a huge warehouse, with lots of boxes on shelves, with candles providing the illumination, and with a staircase going up to the next level. The reels are the standard 5, but they’re tall and have 6 symbols each. Symbols on them will give you the image of the Wizard, along with scrolls, chests, various potions, an hourglass and runestones of some sort.


I loved the features and the graphics, and you can’t argue with a game that has a 97% average RTP. I suggest you play it for yourself.