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888 Dragons Slot Machine

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888 Dragons is definitely not the first Chinese themed slot machine that Pragmatic Play has offered, not even the first one with a focus on Asian style dragons, but what sets it apart from their other releases is that it’s a 3 reel game which uses only 3 symbols on its reels.

In the case of 888 Dragons, the creator of the game went with a very simple layout, which selects 1 active line for 3 reels. It’s as simple of a layout as you can get in a slot, and it will probably not surprise you to find out that there are no extra features to be had in this game. A big reward in it would reach a value of $500, but that’s it.

Betting and Prizes

You have 1 active line, and so your bets can’t change this particular section of the bet. You can boost the number of coins which are used for one line though, a maximum of 10 being allowed. The denomination of the coins is changeable as well, and it will go from $0.01 to $0.50. Overall, you will be using a betting range of $0.01 to $5 per spin.

The game offers a jackpot of 1,000 coins, or up to $500. It’s only a 100x multiple of the line bet, but that works anyway since the combinations are easier to form than in other games. Your average RTP reflects that as well, being at 96.84%. It’s one of the few games that have gone the simple route and which have managed to be very profitable anyway.

888 Dragons Slot Features

It doesn’t get any simpler than this. 888 Dragons doesn’t offer you a single extra feature that could influence the way that it is played. You don’t have a wild symbol to act as a substitute, a multiplier to boost payouts or a scatter to trigger some sort of extra feature. All you do is line-up dragons on the only active line available, and they will form combinations.

There are only three symbols in the game, all of them showing Dragons, colored in gold, green and blue. The combinations can be formed with three matching dragons, or with three mixed dragons. As long as all positions on the line are occupied, you get paid. The presence of only three symbols helps you form combinations quite often, so you’re not going to miss having features. Players that prefer simple layouts and don’t trust features will love what 888 Dragons has to offer.

Theme & Design

The theme for 888 Dragons is obviously going to be about dragons, but not just any such creatures. You’re going to have a Chinese Dragon theme here, which look different than the ones described by the legends from Europe. The dragons are shown as two-headed versions here, one on each end of the creature. The three symbols which get these dragons have them colored in gold/red, green/yellow and in dark/light blue.

The game looks a lot better than a typical 3 reel slot. The paytable is on the left side, while the reels are on the right. You get Chinese style graphics and they look modern, so they wouldn’t feel out of place if the slot had 5 reels instead of 3.


888 Dragons manages to be, at the same time, one of the more profitable 3 reel slot machines and the simplest that I’ve seen so far.