Solar Se7en Slot Machine

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Playtech is the company that’s behind the release of Solar Se7en, a slot machine with a mixed theme, using both the classics and alien planets and creatures together in its design. It’s a pretty good result that we’re seeing here, so the first impression is a good one.

This is a slot machine with 40 active lines, for 5 spinning reels. Among the features offered, you will discover wild symbols, Spaceship scatters and Supernova Spins with Shifting Wilds. The big payout of the game only appears to reach $10,000.

Betting and Prizes

Since you’re playing on 40 active lines, the game will not allow you to spend less than $0.40 for one round. You can go quite a bit higher than that, even up to $500, in which case you would have $12.50 per line.

With the best payouts of the game making a promise of paying only 800 coins, you shouldn’t expect to get wins of more than $10,000 from it. It’s still capable of providing you with a good average Return to Player, of 96.12%, so the game does alright by the player.

Solar Se7en Slot Features

The feature list starts off with a wild symbol, with a Sun shown behind a WILD logo. This wild symbol is available in the game as a substitute, which will be combined with any of the regular symbols, but not with scatters. There are rewards of up to 800x which can be obtained through a combo of five wilds, this being one of the two symbols that can pay that much.

Next, you should check out the Spaceship Scatter. These trigger the Supernova Spins. For each symbol that lands, you will get 3 Supernova Spins. These scatter symbols are turned into Shifting Wilds and they remain on the reels, while the other positions respin. During each round, they can move up or down on the reel, by one position. You can get additional Spaceships on the reels, and they will also act as Shifting Wilds, while also adding to the total number of Supernova Spins. These Spaceship symbols are going to occupy two positions.

The first feature that is available, the wild, is a normal one and you expect to find it in pretty much any game released. The other one is much more fun and I haven’t seen it used in quite this way, so the feature to look forward to most is the one with the Supernova Spins.

Theme & Design

Solar Se7en gives us a beautiful alien planet as the location where the action is taking place. There are spaceships present on its reels, along with images of the Sun, of a female human astronaut and a male alien. You will also discover images of alien monsters, energy sources and alien fruits that are native to the planet. The classic side is mostly represented by the 7 symbol, which is one of the two to pay the big prize. There are plenty of good looking symbols on the reels, but a big part of the beauty of this game comes from the background picture. You see the alien planet there, with water, trees and grass that look different enough on their own, even without the huge ringed planet that is shown in the sky.


Solar Se7en can give the player at least one interesting feature, a cool design and interesting theme, plus you can’t complain much about the RTP either. Overall, it’s a good effort on Playtech’s part.