Pixel Samurai Slot Machine

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Pixel Samurai is the sort of game that appeals to multiple audiences, as the developer chose to focus not just on a world of Samurai, but also on a retro style design that will feed the nostalgia for a lot of players that tried 8-bit arcade video games in the past. The company that’s launching this impressive game is called Playtech, a giant of the gambling industry.

For the setup of Pixel Samurai, a total of 25 symbols were used for a Cluster Pays system that’s arranged on 5x5 reels. There are both progressive jackpots and fixed payouts of up to $50,000 that can be delivered at the same time, plus you have exploding symbols to help out as well. No other major features besides those though.

Betting and Prizes

For a game that has no lines, not even ways to win, setting up a wager system feels a bit arbitrary, so Pixel Samurai doesn’t even try, using values of up to $10, while the minimum amount allowed is $0.10.

It’s the total bet that’s used when deciding how much you can win in Pixel Samurai. The best symbols available (Red Samurai) will be capable of delivering a progressive jackpot and a 5,000x jackpot at the same time. While the former doesn’t have a fixed value, the latter can pay up to $50,000. Obviously, expect the game to have a high variance, you can expect nothing less when you have this type of offer.

Pixel Samurai Slot Features

You don’t get the long list of features that a lot of other slot machines will offer, but Pixel Samurai does have some arguments of its own to make. First, it’s the Cluster Pays system that has been implemented, which will have combinations forming when appearing as a cluster of five or more matching symbols. The right symbols can even deliver progressive jackpots this way, and I’m talking about the Samurai icon here.

You get paid with as few as 5 symbols in the cluster, but the maximum rewards will come when you have 16 or more matching symbols.

Another thing that is important for the game is the exploding symbols mechanic. It’s not unique, or even that rare these days, but it’s very useful and it might just bring you a lot of great wins in a single round. It starts with the removal of the symbols that are forming a cluster, and with new ones being brought in for those positions. This all happens during the same initial spin, so you only pay once for any wins that might be forming that round.

Theme & Design

The theme is not as unique as the design choice made by the developer. Playtech went with a samurai inspired theme, which delivers one such character in the main role, along with a girl, various monsters, villains and other characters. The really interesting bit is the design style, with 8-bit graphics and ancient arcade games being the inspiration for the slot. There are only six types of symbols that appear in the 25 positions.

I found the graphics to be among the more unusual, but also fun parts about this game. It’s a dated look, but one that is intentional and in style these days, so it’s not an issue, more of a pro for the game.


Pixel Samurai will have retro graphics for the player, a gameplay style that’s different and definitely modern, plus it can pay both regular and progressive jackpots through the same symbols.