Astro Babes Slot Machine

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Astro Babes is a Playtech slot machine. It’s not the kind of game to shy away from showing off beautiful women on its reels, as a way to attract the players. The five beautiful women, which the game calls Astro Babes, are designed in a very attractive retro style, which doesn’t seem practical in space, but for the purposes of this game it works well enough.

There are 5 tall reels in Astro Babes, with a total of 100 active lines used each round. Should you get the ultimate payout from the slot, you could win up to $25,000 cash. Along the way, as you play this casino game, you will find wild symbols, scatter symbols, a Hyperspace Delivery Bonus with free spins and stacked symbols which can transform into wilds.

Betting and Prizes

The game offers more symbols per reel than typical slots, but it also has more active lines for you to play with. There are 100 lines in place here, which are going to be forming combinations while wagers of $0.01 to $5 are used on them. Given the number of lines, the total bet varies in that case between $1 and $500.

A simple Wild logo is responsible for the ultimate payout that Astro Babes will deliver. That’s a 5,000x jackpot that awaits you, with a value of up to $25,000 being possible for it. The RTP isn’t quite as high as you might want, being set to just 95.06% (a good number for the industry, but lower than most recent releases).

Astro Babes Slot Features

I’ll start things off with a symbol that is quite simple to use, and with which you’re most likely already familiar with. Showing off a logo that spells WILD, this feature is usable as a substitute that may be included in any regular combination. The scatter symbols are not replaceable with these wilds. Should you manage to have a full combo of wilds on an active line, the payout that will come from it will be 5,000 coins.

Another symbol of note is the one that’s showing you a Scatter logo, with a blue rocket flying in space underneath it. Scatter symbols may land anywhere on the five reels, and whenever there are at least three visible somewhere, you will receive access to free spins. 12, 20 or 50 free spins are available through them, depending on the number of triggering scatters. The feature that it gives you is called Hyperspace Delivery.

Each of the five Astro Babes gets her own reel, on which she can be transformed into a wild babe. For that to happen, the Astro Babe needs to fully cover her own reel. These symbols appear on all reels, but only one of them is considered their own. It’s not a huge feature, but with 100 lines available, having a wild symbol present on all of them is going to increase your odds of a combo by quite a bit. When you’re in free spins mode, the feature is easier to trigger, as the babes will nudge down or up, as needed, in order to fill up reels.

Theme & Design

Themes tend to revolve around the same topics in most slot machines, but Astro Babes has something special to offer. The five stacked Astro Babes that are the game’s main characters are extremely attractive, they wear skimpy outfits (in space), but at least they have glass helmets to protect their heads. As unlikely as that kind of outfit is in a real situation, for the purposes of this game I’m sure that players will not complain about it. The names of the babes are Bonny, Roxy, Violet, Betsy and Gwen. The final five symbols range from communicator devices, to ray guns, space wrenches, oxygen bottles and med kits.


Astro Babes is one of the more memorable releases from Playtech’s arsenal, and there are good odds that this will be a popular game.