Age of the Gods: Mighty Midas Slot Machine

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Belonging to a major series from Playtech, called Age of the Gods, Mighty Midas has been inspired by a famous king from Ancient Greece’s legends. Midas is mentioned in a story, as the king capable of turning everything he touched into gold, which was the reason of his death as well, since he couldn’t feed himself anymore.

In this version of the story, as others have also used it for a game’s theme, we get 5 reels and at a total of 40 active paylines. There are some excellent features to be found, especially the ones using wild multipliers which reach 3x, but also about five others which range from 30x multipliers, to stacked icons and Golden Wilds. You even get four progressive prizes, which the game will deliver at random. Regular winning combinations can benefit from 30x multipliers, getting to 375x the stake per combo.

Betting and Prizes

It can be a fairly cheap slot to play, with the starting wagers being set to $0.40, but it can also end up requiring as much as $2,000 each round, if the player decided to get the total investment that high. From this, results a betting range between $0.01 and $50 per spin.

Several potential big wins may come your way, in Mighty Midas. The game has four randomly awarded progressive jackpots for one, as do all the slots from the Age of the Gods series. On the other hand, there will also be big multipliers inside, even reaching a value of up to 30x during certain free spins The regular wins might reach 12.5x the stake usually, but during those free spins they can go a lot higher.

Age of the Gods: Mighty Midas Slot Features

The entire idea behind this game seems to be based around the touch of King Midas, which would turn everything into gold. The game will deliver these Midas Touch icons on the last three reels. If they appear, the hand of Midas will point to the symbol found to its left. Those turn into Golden Wilds, which are usable as replacements for all sorts of regular symbols. As for the Midas Touch, those symbols collapse and drop, which can allow for a new win to form.

Midas Multipliers is when the Midas Touch points to one of the Golden Wilds, as this will boost the multiplier for it by 1x.

Scatters are in the game also, and by appearing on the 1st and 5th columns during the same spin, they deliver one of five potential features. You could get Emerald Bonus (multiplies the bet by a random amount), Amber Spins (5 free spins with one type of symbol turned into a Golden Wild and 3x multipliers), Ruby Spins (7 free spins, up to 30x wild multipliers, collapsing Multiplier Tower), Amethyst Spins (3 free spins, stacked Midas Touch icons and 3x wild multipliers) and Sapphire Spins (5 free spins, stacked Golden Wilds on middle columns, extra Wilds added).

Theme & Design

The inspiration comes from King Midas, so obviously there will be quite a bit of gold in the design. You have King Midas, along with various foods that he couldn’t eat (chickens, goblets of wine, apples, grapes) but also various other characters (Dionyssus, Lityerses, Silenus and Marigold). It should be a decent looking game, Playtech tends to do a pretty good job in this area.


Age of the Gods: Mighty Midas has plenty to offer, a very long list of features, progressive jackpots, so pretty much all you need to enjoy yourself.