Parlay Slot Games 2021

Parlay is a Canadian company, which has been part of the online gaming industry for more than 20 years, being established in 1996. This company offers its own platform, which gives clients bingo and casino sites content. This is a company that innovates, or at least that’s the impression it gives, and it offers content on all platforms that are popular these days, from desktop computers, to social networks and mobile devices.

Parlay have their own games, but they also license plenty of titles from other developers, so there is enough variety in their offer to make it worth a player’s time.

Parlay Online Slots List

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Clearly, the major focus of this company is two-fold, with the Bingo and the Slots & Casino categories being the ones that get their attention. Their software has been around since 2004, and right now it is integrated with multiple payment options, affiliate systems, marketing systems and with different game vendors that bring it more diversity (WagerWorks, Sheriff Gaming, Betsoft).


Parlay Games Inc is from Canada, it has been founded in 1996 and it is based in the city of Toronto. It’s mostly known for the Bingo platform it offers, though it has also done quite well with the second product they designed, the online casino software and the various online slots, video poker and other similar titles that came with it. Their history goes back quite a bit, and even though they’re not a huge name in the industry, they have the experience and quality, and that brought them partnerships with some of the bigger brands.

Parlay Casino Games Features

The games you find at Parlay might be theirs, or they might be licensed from another company. They’re not offering a huge number of slot machines, only about 20+ titles, but there are plenty of other developers willing to provide their platform with high quality content. Obviously, there are other types of games as well, including video poker and different variants of bingo. Their games are typically designed to be played on as many platforms as possible, and that’s how they end up being available to play on Facebook, but also on mobiles and PCs.

With about 20+ slots offered, Parlay’s collection is not a large one, yet it should provide you with a good variety of themes. There are games that have themes which are often found in this industry, including here examples like Reels of Rome, Treasure of the Nile and Vegas III. There are also some that are a bit more interesting, or at least rare, and here I will mention Toy Box, TransylMania, Eastern Promises and Club Spin.

A lot of games of theirs will have 20 pay lines, with 5x3 reels as support, but they can sport different numbers as well, with 9 lines being available in a slot called Trolling for Treasure, as well as in Get Cracking. You’re not going to get enough of their slots, to keep you busy in the long run, but luckily their platform includes titles from other developers as well, plus different types of games (video poker and others).


This is one area where the work that Parlay has done in the past doesn’t feel exciting at all. The graphics are for the most part dated, and so the impression is that they’re of lower quality than those from other developers. That’s not exactly the case though, and if you look hard enough you will discover games like Slot Monsters, where you get a decent looking design and only symbols that have a connection to the theme.


The Parlay games have a range of features, which can change from one title to the next. Expanding wilds or regular ones, scatter symbols, bonus symbols, free spins and bonus games, these are all among the possible extras that the game will throw at you. I haven’t noticed anything truly out of the ordinary, so these are the same features that every other developer will offer, but at least you’re going to get more than just the basics from them.

Parlay Slots RTP and Payouts

I’ve noticed that quite a few of their slot machines will offer payouts of 5,000x for their jackpots, though sometimes this can be improved further, with multipliers. Even without them, the jackpots appear to be good enough to get a player’s attention and keep it.