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A very simple game, with a couple of small twists in its gameplay, Extreme Pay is an Oryx Gaming slot machine that aims to target players which are fans of the oldies. It’s a pub fruit style game, the graphics are slightly dated, but it has a couple of pros as well.

You are looking at a game with 4x3 reels, which only gives you 1 active line. The Extreme Pay system allows for wins of up to 1,250x, but that only means $2,500 cash in this game. There are no real features to be found inside, with the possible exception of scatter-like icons which pay you when appearing on their own.

Betting and Prizes

The bottom right section of the game will show off the betting options. You get the display telling you how many coins are used (1 to 10), along with the buttons which will take you up or down within that range. You don’t get to modify the value of the coins though, they appear to be fixed at $0.20 each. Depending on how many coins you’ve selected, you are going to spend between $0.20 and $2 on each spin.

The concept of the Extreme Pay is the one that dictates how much of a return you’re going to get, when playing this slot. It only applies to the top jackpot combinations, the ones formed out of four matching 7s, no matter what color they have. You get a win of up to 1,000x if you wagered 1 to 5 coins that round, or one of 1,250x if the wager had 6, 8 or 10 coins in it. At the kind of wager that is possible in this game, you can win at most $2,500 cash from a single spin, by forming the right combo of four 7s.

Extreme Pay Slot Features

While playing Extreme Pay, the player has the opportunity to form combinations of 3 or 4 symbols, starting from the leftmost position of the slot’s only active line. The paytable gives you information on all potential wins. The only symbols which can pay even for 1 or 2 symbols that appear left to right, the cherries are the ones to also offer the smallest rewards.

Depending on the type of symbol which appears several times on a line, you can even mix some of them, to form combinations. This applies mostly to symbols which are of the same type, but of different colors. An example is for the 7s, another one for the Bar logos which are stacked.

No other features were implemented, so this ends up being one of the simpler classic slots around. Obviously, it’s a 4-reel game, so it’s different from most slots of this type already.

Theme & Design

The classic theme, which was chosen for this slot, can still work if properly designed and brought to our modern times. It’s not what happened in Extreme Pay though. The design quality and the look of both symbols and surrounding graphics, makes the slot look like it was lifted straight from the early days of the online gambling industry.

The choice of symbols is the standard one, starting with three variants for the 7s (red, white and blue), continuing with the Bar logos (triple yellow, double blue and single green variants), and then fruits (lemons, plums, oranges, cherries).


I haven’t found anything exciting or interesting in Extreme Pay, but perhaps players which prefer a simpler slot machine will get something out of it.

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