OpenBet Online Slots 2021

OpenBet is a UK based company, which offers its clients software for casinos and sportsbooks. They also have additional offices in Canada and Australia. It has been used so far by bookmarkers and by national lotteries, always in countries which are regulated. The company is one of the subsidiaries of NYX Gaming Group and it currently has more than 750 employees around the world.

The founding date of OpenBet goes back to 1996. Some of the biggest online casinos use their software, which makes them one of the names that will get people’s attention if they know how this industry works.

OpenBet Slot Games List

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As a UK based company, OpenBet naturally have a gaming license from the appropriate authorities of this country, but there is also one that they have obtained in Alderney, for use when it comes to players that are not from Great Britain.

A big focus for them seems to be the fact that they try to unify the experience that you’re getting. As one of their players, you will be able to use a single account to access a variety of betting channels. There is even a card called Unify, which you can use to bet at land-based slot machines while using the funds that you have in your online account.


The founding date for this company was February 12th, 1996. The founders were James Caddy, Clive Haworth and Charles Malir. The name back then was Orbis Technology Ltd. They started by releasing a sports betting platform, under the name Betonline, just in time to be used at the World Cup in 1998. The OpenBet Casino was opened next year, in 1999, along with a Live Roulette channel called Sky Vegas. In 2000, they already had big names like Paddy Power and Ladbrokes signed up with them.

They were acquired in 2000, the new owner being NDS. NT Media joined it in 2005, while Electracade did the same in 2008. The company changed its name to OpenBet in 2010. NDS sold the company one year later, in 2011, in exchange for £208 million, to Vitruvian Partners. These days, the company is the largest operator of sports betting online, with more than 18,000 bets per minute in World Cup 2018.

OpenBet Casino Games Features

OpenBet gives operators a framework on which they can build, by adding content from various companies. OpenBet gives them a number of games, about 50 of them, but they can also add games from companies like IGT, Cryptologic or Fremantly. Their library contains a lot of HTML 5 titles, and more are added all the time. They mention that in addition to the usual casino table games, they also offer novelty titles and slots, so basically everything that you’d want from an online gaming site in this industry.

If we’re looking just at the content that OpenBet has created itself, you’re going to get a decent mix of casino slots there, titles that can be fun to play, but which look a bit dated in some places. I’ve found a couple of branded games in their collection, but they’re relying on older films and TV series, so they’re not as relevant anymore. Examples of those branded games would be Baywatch Rescue and Chuck Norris: Missing in Action.

OpenBet slots, with more general themes, include some that I’d consider common, like Alice in Wonderland, Astro Fruit or Chinese New Year, along with more original choices, slots that would include Creatures of Rock II, Highlander and Planet X.


There are some developers out there that never seem to go wrong when they create a new online slots, and then there are others that for the life of them just can’t seem capable to put out a great design. I’d say that OpenBet is among the latter, at least if we go by the slot machines that they’ve released so far. Though they seem to include a lot of detail in their games, the quality is just not good enough going by today’s standards. You can see it in a game like Chinese New Year or in Robin Hood. I wouldn’t consider either badly designed, and I would still play them for everything else they have to offer, but the graphics are not among their biggest advantages.


As features, the typical slot machine coming from OpenBet will offer scatter symbols, free spins with extra abilities, wild symbols that can apply multipliers even up to 10x, as well as bonus games with huge payouts. The features that are available in an OpenBet slot machine tend to look pretty good on paper, with more than just one or two offered in each case. In some cases, I’ve also noticed Reactions used as a feature, where wining symbols would be removed from the reels, to make room for new ones and hopefully new combinations as well.

OpenBet Slots RTP and Payouts

The range for the payouts that are mentioned in OpenBet games seems to be pretty big, so one game might offer only a 1,000x reward, while another might have a jackpot of 10,000x, but offered through a bonus game, not regular combinations. I’ve noticed multipliers on many occasions, some quite high.

In addition to the regular payouts, OpenBet also has quite a few slots that offer jackpots when you manage to form certain combinations. These are called Maxi, Midi and Mini, in order of the value that they have.