Old Skool Studios Slot Games 2021

Old Skool Studios is a Canadian company, which is based in Vancouver and which was established in 2010. They began as a company called LM Design Werks, which offered development of casino games, and lately they’ve started creating their own slot machines under the Old Skool brand. Thanks to a partnership with Microgaming, to which they offered exclusivity for their future games, they’ve started becoming a lot better known and their latest slots have been particularly popular and well-promoted by online casinos.

Old Skool Studios Online Slots List

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Over the years, as they began in this industry by offering development services to others, Old Skool worked with GameHouse, Rocket Gaming, EA, IGS, BC Lottery and Zynga, and they seem quite proud of the projects in which they’ve participated in the past.

Right now, you can find the Old Skool slots at several major casino operators, including many of the most popular ones, so while you don’t get that many slots from them, they shouldn’t be all that hard to find and play.

From the UK Gambling Commission, Old Skool Studios obtained the gaming license which allows them to offer their slot machines. It’s a tough license, which insures that players are treated fairly, and so seeing it obtained by Old Skool Studios gives us faith in them.


The company’s history starts in 2010, when LM Design Werks was founded in Vancouver, Canada. This Canadian company didn’t start out as a creator of slot machines for itself, but rather as a developer which worked on outsourced projects from the likes of EA, Zynga or Rocket Gaming, among many others.

It wasn’t until 2014 that they’ve started their expansion into the slot machine niche under their own brand, Old Skool Studios, created just for this purpose. Their first release was a slot which was well-received, and it was called Epic City. It was picked up by several big casinos, such as Leo Vegas, Gala and others, but it wasn’t until 2017 that the developer launched its next slot machine.

La Rouge was released in May 2017, while in August that same year Old Skool Studios also had Jewel Quest Riches out.

A big announcement from the company came in 2016, when they signed an agreement with Microgaming’s Quickfire, for 4 new titles. Temperance was the first slot machine to be exclusive to Quickfire, and it’s been released in June 2018. The presence on the extremely popular platform meant that Temperance got a lot of exposure, and so far it looks like it’s their most played game. More slot machines are expected to be released by Old Skool Studios for Microgaming in the near future.

Old Skool Casino Games Features

As I’ve mentioned, while the mother company has a lot of experience in game development, working for other major brands, there are only a couple of slot machines out right now under the Old Skool name. They launched the first slot in 2014, called Epic City, followed by La Rouge and Jewel Quest Riches in 2017, and then by Temperance in mid-2018.

The four themes that they’ve picked so far include two Steampunk style titles which are quite unique and interesting to play, along with a film noir theme that looks like it’s been taken straight out of the Sin City movie, plus a much more common jewel-style design. That last one is more of a fluke, but the majority of the few slots I’ve seen them launch have been quite unique and bring something new to the slot machine category.


The quality of the design varies a bit, but it’s definitely above average as a whole. The jewel style icons are not that interesting anymore, so Jewel Quest Riches wasn’t a big hit for me, but I loved the design of La Rouge, and the steampunk-inspired games look pretty good as well. Overall, it’s definitely an area where I’d say that Old Skool Studios is doing well, and their slot machines have proven to be enjoyable visually.


I’ve discovered some exciting features as well, in the Old Skool collection. Their latest release, Temperance, is a dystopian/steampunk style game which uses free games, up to 10x multipliers and stacked wilds, so it’s exciting to play. Even Jewel Quest Riches, with its common jewel theme, offers 8 levels/worlds, along with mystery multipliers, increasing multipliers that reach 12x and cascading jewels.

Old Skool Slots RTP and Payouts

Often enough, you will notice big multipliers (10x – 12x even) being used in the slots from Old Skool. They help make the game more exciting and the payouts reach higher potential. They even have progressive jackpots to offer sometimes, at least for Jewel Quest Riches.

If you look at their RTP, their games aren’t as exciting to play as the graphics and features would make them. They’re all somewhere above 95%, but not by a lot, and the highest paying one is Jewel Quest Riches with 95.19%.