NYX Gaming Slot Games 2021

NYX Gaming is a large company that provides casinos with a software platform that allows them to operate, as well as with a wide variety of casino games for their players. Through acquisitions, NYX has managed to gather under its umbrella a total of four other developers, which are creators of slot machines mostly for them right now. The system that NYX offers is called OGS, which is an abbreviation for Open Gaming System. There are three ways to access this platform and the games available on it. You can use regular land based machines that are found in online casinos, or you can use desktop and mobile variants if you want to access the online version.

The products that are offered by NYX Gaming provide players that use their platform with casino games, sportsbooks, social gaming, bingo, lottery and poker. A total of four in-house game studios contribute to OGS, along with 40 other third-party suppliers that NYX has signed agreements with. In total, more than 2000 games of different types can be made available to casinos which use OGS.

NYX Gaming Online Slots List

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NYX Gaming Group has been founded in 1999 and it is a company which is based in Las Vegas, in the state of Nevada, United States. It’s a listed company, with around 1000 employees at the moment, one of the giants of the online casino industry. Over the years, the company has developed its OGS platform to include different types of gambling content, starting with the Casino, then with Bingo, Sportsbook and Lottery. Its main product, called OGS, was named Platform of the Year in 2016. They’ve acquired a number of developers over the years, including NextGen, Amaya and others.

NYX Casino Games Features

NYX Gaming is the mother company for a number of other developers, which were independent for a long time. The result is a mix of casino games that can vary a lot in quality, in the type of features that are offered and in the style of design that is picked.

What you can count on is them offering a huge collection of casino games, large even without taking into account all the partner companies that offer content for their platform. You should expect to find all types of casino games to play on their sites, and there are more than 200 casinos right now that use their software. As for the types of casino games offered, you will get the usual online slots, along with games like video poker, craps, blackjack, baccarat, roulette and various others. This is without even taking into account all the other platforms that can be implemented in the casino, like the lottery or bingo.

The richest part of their game collection would definitely be the one that’s housing the slot machines. The quality can be very low in some games and very high in others, depending on a number of factors, from the importance that the developer gave the game, to the year when it was released and the actual developer that worked on it. A lot of the games they offer were created before the game studios were acquired by NYX, and they look the part of an older slot machine. They can still be good slots feature wise though. The companies continued to create slot machines after they were bought, so you will get new titles from them all the time. A couple of examples of new slots that were released by NextGen Gaming, one of the developer arms of NYX, include Golden Hen, Prosperity Twin and Shangri La.


In terms of graphics, the quality is once again varied. I’ve seen dated titles that I wouldn’t play unless they had a great average RTP, and I’ve also had the pleasure of trying superb games that had a lot of effort poured into them. Their recent releases are mostly among the latter, games that tend to be very well designed.


Some of the games they offer will rely only on the usual features, meaning that they have wilds, free spins and scatters to give you. In some cases though, I’ve seen them put more effort into the gameplay aspect, relying on additional abilities for their features. For example, in a game like Shangri La you will also get a multiplier for the wild, along with the chance to get extra wilds added to the reels at random, plus two types of free spins and various other bonus features.

NYX Slots RTP and Payouts

When it comes to offering rewards, NYX Gaming relies mostly on regular jackpots, which give you a multiple of the amount you used for one line, or even for the total bet. I haven’t seen them offer big payouts generally, mostly somewhere in the range of 500x to 2000x, though your mileage may vary depending on the games you check out. Various multipliers and additional features will help out improve the winnings that you get from their content.

I’ve seen quite a few games from them with high average RTP, and I can mention a couple that have percentages between 97% and 98%. Those would be games like Jackpot Jester Wild Nudge, DownTown, StarMania, Spin Sorceress, Medusa 2 and Jukepot.