Scruffy Duck Slot Machine

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Scruffy Duck is a game that looks great and which is inspired by the story of the ugly duckling, the one that turns into a beautiful swan once it grows up. NetEnt seems to have a big focus on fairytales and stories these days, and I like what they’re doing in this area.

Scruffy Duck is a 25 line slot machine, using the standard 5 reels for this. The game will offer payouts even up to $12,000 through its regular winning combinations. As features, it relies on different types of wilds (random, colossal or expanding), on five types of free spins with different extra abilities and others that are just as interesting.

Betting and Prizes

Considering that you’re going to have 25 lines each round, it’s only natural for the game to ask for at least 25 coins to be used in the bet. It can go higher than that though, with up to 250 coins available for bets, with up to 10 for each line. The line’s bet is also influenced by the value of your coins, which can be as low as $0.01, or as high as $1. You can spend between $0.25 and $250 for a single round.

A good prize in this game would have a value of $4,000 in the base game or up to $12,000 during free spins. The value might not seem high to some, but it’s a slot machine that relies mostly on features to get its RTP to a respectable 96.38%.

Scruffy Duck Slot Features

For the base game, one of the major features will be the Expanding Wild. It’s going to show the transformation from ugly duckling to beautiful swan and it will be used as a regular substitute for the other symbols. The expansion occurs only if the result will be the formation of a new combo.

There is a lot more variety in the free spins, than in the paid rounds. Triggering the free spins is a matter of getting the symbol with their logo on the last three reels, at the same time. You will get one of the five different versions of the free spins at this point. You can get 15 free spins which has multipliers of up to 3x, 12 free spins with Symbol Removal, 10 free spins with Colossal Wilds, 8 free spins with Random Wilds or 6 free spins with the Double Feature.

There are pros and cons to each one, and the higher the win potential, the smaller the number of free spins that you trigger. Multipliers can be used to improve the jackpot size, giving you up to $12,000. Colossal wilds will cover multiple whole reels at the same time, with a large number of wins possible simultaneously thanks to them.

It’s an enjoyable set of features overall, though most of the good stuff is crammed into the free spins, so the base game doesn’t get as much love.

Theme & Design

Scruffy Duck’s theme is based on a story that most of us have heard as children. The story mentions an ugly duckling, laughed at by everyone for its looks. The joke is on them though, as the duckling transforms into a beautiful swan when it grows up. For the game’s symbols, the developer picked logos, ducklings that transform into swans, plus images of the rest of the duck family (father, mother and two brothers). Even the poker cards look halfway decent here, being shown inside hatched eggs.


Scruffy Duck has a good dose of humor in it as well, in addition to its good looks. I enjoyed its features, but it’s an area where they could’ve done even better.

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