Archangels: Salvation Slot Machine

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Archangels: Salvation is a unique game in NetEnt’s collection, being a slot machine that not only has 6 reels, but it also delivers 100 lines on them. Apparently, this is their first slot to offer that many active lines, and the game feels like an experiment for them based on the way it was designed.

You can expect to play on 6 reels of 12 symbols each, with a total of 100 active lines forming on them each round. Plenty of cool features are to be found in this game, including here the wild symbols, free spins and two different features that are based on wilds.

Betting and Prizes

In order to play Archangels: Salvation, NetEnt requires that you use 40 to 400 coins in your bets, so apparently it considers that it uses 40 lines rather than 100 for the purpose of the wager. You select the level of the bet first, deciding this way how many coins are used per line, and then you can also select the coin value. You have to spend a minimum of $0.40 per spin in this slot, but you can go quite a bit higher if you want to, even up to $400.

I expect NetEnt slot machines to be of good quality and to pay reasonably well if you play them for long enough. The RTP is expected to be at 96% or higher, while payouts usually are quite low on average in their titles.

Archangels: Salvation Slot Features

When they appear, the wild symbols are going to be used on the lines on which they’re present, as replacements for other symbols. This happens whenever you can get a winning combination out of the game if the wild behaves like that. The image of the wild is that of a W logo, apparently made out of gold.

Two game areas, shown at the top and the bottom, and which surround the two rows of symbols found there, will get light blue and fire like borders. If you have a wild symbol in that area, then a feature will activate where this wild will fire at random positions on the reels and it turns them into additional substitutes.

Watch out for the S logo, the scatter of the game, which by appearing enough times on the reels can get you up to 25 free spins. You have bigger heaven and hell covered areas at the top and bottom, offering 3 rows of symbols instead of 2.

Theme & Design

Archangels: Salvation appears to have a constant battle between the sides of good and evil. You have the winged archangel on the left side of the screen, with the demon being on the right side. They’re both armed with weapons, a lance for the angel and a sword for the demon. The reels are in middle, somewhat smaller than I would’ve liked, but with 12 symbols per reel it would’ve been hard to make them occupy more space to the sides. Expect for two thirds of the screen to be occupied by the two constant companions.

Symbols are going to rely on images that side with one of the two parties. Some of them have images of logos, others have heaven or hell related coloring, and in some cases you get directly images of the angel and the demon. Card suits are part of the line-up as well, but they look at home in this particular design.


Archangels: Salvation is not a typical slot machine for NetEnt, but then again that’s what makes it interesting, since you can be sure that it’s going to be a fun release.

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