Neogames Slot Games 2021

Neogames is a developer of content for the gambling market, which has a big focus on their solutions for 360 iLottery programs, but which has also created a number of scratch cards, bingo and slot games. They’ve wagered big on the popularity of gambling on mobiles, and they innovated early by creating a solution called NeoSphere Platform.

The company started out in 2005 and since then they’ve managed to become one of the more impressive companies in the iLottery space. They’re currently providers of solutions for 10 major lotteries from countries like Czech Republic, Portugal, Italy and others.

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They chose to focus more than just on lottery solutions though, and they expanded into other categories, where they designed slots, bingo games and scratch cards. If you’re curious about Neogames slot machines, you should be able to find them at a number of new casino sites.


Neogames has been founded in 2005, in Malta. While other companies tried to focus on casino platforms and games for them, Neogames became a leader in the lottery games market and they’ve focused on instant win titles that were interactive. They launched their bingo platform in 2013 and then they signed a contract with the Portuguese Lottery in 2014. William Hill acquired 29% of the company one year later.

Neogames Casino Games Features

As I’ve mentioned previously, the major focus of this developer has always been on iLottery solutions, and that’s where their expertise is. They do offer other types of content to their customers, the kind of games that are profitable for them mostly, and which require little or no skill. Their website lists their other game categories to be the Slots, Scratch Cards, Instant Win Games and 3rd Party Games. They claim to have over 200 games in total, though only about 30+ are the slots.

Neogames has chosen to focus on the mobile market quite early, and so they have quite a few mobile friendly games to offer. They’ve started launching mobile friendly content in 2009, and these days pretty much any new title they offer will be made with HTML5 and will be easy to use on mobile platforms, both tablets and phones covered here.

Since players are rarely going to focus on just one type of game, Neogames sought to expand their offer of content with titles that work well together with their lottery platform. The Slots were a clear solution in this case, being a category of gambling content that is important to online casinos. Their slots range from the classics that have only 1 line, to the modern video slots that have between 5 and 50 active lines. There are games with progressive jackpots, there are branded slots and there are even slots with multiple machines in one.

As for the slots that Neogames offers, they seem to cover a wide enough range of themes, many of them common ones, but with some unique titles present as well. The ones that I’d call common would be the themes that you will find in slots like Mighty Sphinx (Ancient Egypt), Ice Land (North Pole), Fruity Friends (fruits) or Funtastic Pets (pets). The ones that actually got something more original to work with are games like Namaste (Indian religion), Legend of Terra (fantasy) or Holiday Hotel (travel).


One aspect of the Neogames slots would be the quality of the designs they put together. They haven’t necessarily created the best looking slot machines around, but in each title you’re going to notice that they didn’t go for the easy way and they didn’t skimp on the proper themed symbols. Often enough, I find their images to be similar to caricatures, so they prefer the funny angle to the more serious and realistic style of design. They’re all enjoyable in their own way though, and I would recommend them because of their look.


Since slot machines aren’t a major focus for them, they tend to keep things simple and enjoyable. They will typically have more than one or two features in each slot, but they’re going to rely on wild symbols, on big multipliers, scatters and bonus games. Don’t expect elaborate setups or features.

Neogames Studio Slots RTP and Payouts

Neogames places a lot of importance on the value of a jackpot, the thing that will keep the player interested in the slot he’s playing. Most of the slots I’ve seen from them have top payouts of 10,000x, even if that sometimes means that the rest of the prizes will be lower to make up for them. Multipliers are often present as well, brought to the reels by wild symbols and going up to 10x.