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Succubus Offer Slot Machine

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If an offer made by a female demon sounds to you like something to avoid, then Succubus Offer might not be the best idea for a slot machine. However, hell themed video slots with beautiful female demons do seem to do well nonetheless, and Succubus Offer has its chance as well. Check out this Merkur themed game, with its special features and hell themed graphics.

Access to Succubus Offer requires that you spin 5 reels, which will have 20 fixed lines on them. Top wins of this game are not quite as high as those from other slots, reaching top values of $30,000 (300x). On the other hand, you do encounter decent features here, revolving around wilds and mystery symbols.

Betting and Prizes

You only need $0.10 for a single spin’s wager, even though the game gives you 20 active lines in exchange. Take the wager up if you want to invest more in it, it will allow you to go as high as $100 there.

Succubus Offer will not pay quite as much as you might expect it to, especially if you compare it with some of the other slots available from Merkur. With a potential top payout of $30,000, it will basically give you back 300x what you invested in it, which is quite low for a slot’s return.

The low top payouts are easy to explain though, since the game has low to medium volatility, being a 2 out of 5 on the developer’s own scale. At the same time, the 96% RTP which is mentioned for it will ensure that you have OK chances to get your money back, and potentially make a profit as well. It’s at the sort of level that you can expect most modern slots to be at.

Succubus Offer Slot Features

One of the two feature symbols that appear inside, the Succubus is your wild symbol, whenever it appears in a situation which allows it to do its job. As a stacked wild, you can see anywhere from 1 to 3 positions occupied by it on a reel. It can then contribute to all winning combinations of the game, if positioned correctly. As a replacement, it works with all types of regular symbols, but not with the game’s mystery icons.

Another one that you’re going to notice, is the symbol which shows the Succubus Offer logo. This one’s the mystery symbol, which lands stacked on the reels as well. The way it works is different from the wild though. All positions occupied by these mystery symbols, are transformed into a single random one. This way, it could get you several new wins. It can even be turned into wild symbols.

Theme & Design

Succubus Offer is all about the female demon that appears in the main role. Called a Succubus, this red she-devil is attractive, sporting a black leather outfit that leaves little to the imagination. Red-skinned and sporting tiny horns on her head, this Succubus is a stacked symbol that could end up taking over entire reels. Other symbols shown inside range from logos, to red-eyed dogs and horses, goblets with blood, crowns and piles of gold coins. The final four symbols end up showing us regular card suits.


Succubus Offer doesn’t look like the most modern slot around, but it offers adequate features and payouts, and overall it’s not a bad game, provided that you enjoy simpler gameplay.

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