Lucky Streak Slot Games 2021

Lucky Streak is a company that’s still considered new, and which has chosen the Live Dealer category to focus on. Naturally, their focus is going to be on offering games of this type, in a field that’s been growing rapidly in recent years but which is still considered new to the market. They claim to be trying to improve these games by working on personalizing content for the player and by introducing breakthrough gamification.

Lucky Streak Online Slots List

Lucky Streak are offering their live dealer games on a casino platform of their own, designed for the purpose and using a flexible and scalable infrastructure, which lets them deliver a great user experience to those that try their games, on desktop or mobile.

With a developer whose focus from the start was to create as good an experience as possible for players that enjoy live dealer content, you can count on them doing things better than the companies that are doing this just as an extra category that they can dabble in. The best content for live Dealer casinos right now comes from developers that are focusing exclusively on this type of game, and Lucky Streak is trying to catch up to the bigger fish of the industry. To do this, they try to offer a very advanced environment for their live casinos. They’ve worked hard on the UI of their games and they personalize things as much as possible. At the basis of Lucky Streak’s work are various experts which know product development and online behavior, which insures that the player gets exactly what he wants and needs.

The live games from Lucky Streak can be easily added to existing platforms by casinos, thanks to the API that the company is offering to its operators. At the same time, they haven’t focused solely on online content, and they give land-based casinos the option to integrate their current offer with an online component, so that users can see what’s happening on the floor of the casino. Finally, they also offer a product to kiosks and terminal shops, both large and small, which allows them to manage players and games.

The playing experience is one of the things that you need to focus on, when you’re creating games that could require a lot of bandwidth. They worked on combining the latest technologies and video streaming, so that the live gaming experience was an optimum one. The device and the constraints of the bandwidth are detected by their platform, so that the stream quality can be adjusted as needed automatically. If your setup allows it though, you will get the highest quality of sound and video, thanks to the professional equipment being used in their studios.


The company is new, so there isn’t a lot to talk about it so far, but we do know that in a relatively short amount of time they managed to put out table games of three different types, and that they’re continuing their process of growth.

Lucky Streak Casino Games Features

Since they focus exclusively on live dealer content, there are only four major types of games that are available through Lucky Streak at the moment. These categories include Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette and a number of third party online slots, fixed odds, video and card games which are offered as an addon, though they’re keeping their focus on the live content.

Lucky Streak live dealer games take place in their own studio, with the dealers usually being attractive young women that are wearing elegant black dresses, with cleavage showing as well in some cases. It’s the usual sight that you can expect from the typical live casino game.

Blackjack is one of the games which are present in Lucky Streak, and there are several tables that you can play it at. One interesting feature offered in their games is the option to mimic the bets of a player that seems successful at the table, essentially betting behind him. Even though there are 7 main players at the table, those that are waiting can still get in on the action by putting their money behind the ones that do best. Statistics are offered for the players currently seated, so you can see how they’re doing. Side bets are available here as well, including popular ones like Perfect Pair or 21+3.

Baccarat is also quite popular as a live dealer game and Lucky Streak have their own ideas on how the game’s experience should be like online. With the help of statistics, side bets, game history and the Multiplayer view, you too can experience a bit of the fun that a real game of Baccarat can provide.

Roulette is the third type of live games that they offer, at HD quality, and it’s the French Roulette version that they include. It also comes with game history options, stats and the option to call bets.


It is HD quality streaming of a dealer table, so the quality can only be great, as long as your setup allows for streaming of that level. They certainly have the right infrastructure to support it.


Based on what we know of Lucky Streak games, they seem to have integrated some interesting features in them, but there is nothing that is truly different from what other live dealer companies are doing.