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Pinata Bucks Slot Machine

Legendary slot provider 6-digits jackpot Multi-Paylines slot

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If you love a good party themed slot machine, then Pinata Bucks might be just the right choice for you. As a slot machine which is offered by Lightning Box Games, it delivers unique features, yet it remains a relatively simple title, which has incredible rewards to give away.

In terms of sheer potential, Pinata Bucks handles itself very well, being capable of paying well over 100,000x total stake, at least in theory. It’s likely capped by the developer, at 10,000x based on what I’ve been able to find, but that’s still an excellent top prize. The Reelfecta style layout is one of the game’s strengths, especially when coupled with the ways to win, 1296 being available on 5 reels. You get several jackpots to go after as well, along with free spins.

Betting and Prizes

A wager placed in Pinata Bucks will cover every single way to win that’s available, and it will require an investment of anywhere between $0.10 and $50.

As for the rewards which may come your way, the game can be incredibly generous, but don’t count on that happening too often. It’s considered a slot machine with high volatility, which doesn’t pay big prizes easily. It’s understandable, particularly when you consider how high the rewards can get, the potential apparently going to as much as 109,000x total stake. The slot is capped at 10,000x more likely, but that’s still a very good return.

Pinata Bucks Slot Features

One of the features that are quite common in slots from Lightning Box, the Reelfecta reels will do something quite special with the game area. It will give you a 4x4 area which is considered a single reel, with 16 symbols on it. It’s the 3rd reel that gets this bigger size, while the reels 1, 2, 4 and 5 are of normal size. Thanks to the bigger Reelfecta game area, you have 1296 ways to win to play on, with winning symbols required on both the small reels and on the huge one.

The free spins require a few more symbols than in most slots, before they trigger, 6 or more doing this job here. It’s the Donkey Pinata that takes on this role. Through it, you can get to the Pinata Lock Spins. The grid is sized at 4x4 here, and it locks in place the blue Pinata icons when they appear. They transform into a bigger Pinata if they form a square as they lock. The Pinatas are smashed as the feature reaches its end, and prizes are paid.

If there are bigger squares formed out of locked Pinatas, then jackpot prizes are paid, the biggest ones getting to 500x total stake.

Theme & Design

The Mexican party theme is not that unusual of a choice for a developer, and I found that the graphics of this slot don’t really stand out in this category. There are the usual Royals present, along with the Pinata Donkey, guitar players, female dancers, plants, lizards or tequila bottles. Nothing too special there, but then again Lightning Box doesn’t have much of a reputation when it comes to graphics quality in their slots. The game does have a unique look though, thanks to the use of the Reelfecta area, with 4x4 symbols present in the 3rd column.


Pinata Bucks is interesting, I will give it that, and it’s got the right potential along with some unique mechanics. That could make it a cool option for a lot of players, even with the disappointing graphics which are present inside.