Lightning Box New Slots 2019

Stellar Jackpots with Silver Lion Slot Icon
Stellar Jackpots with Silver Lion
  • Release: Nov 2018
  • Soft: Lighting Box
  • RTP: 96.13%
  • Reels: 5
  • Lines: 1,024
  • Mobile: Yes

Lightning Box has announced a new slot machine which will get the popular Stellar Jackpots, and this time it’s Silver Lion that’s being improved through these excellent rewards. The developer has added the option to a number of other games, changing little else inside with the exception of this new reward.

Jackaroo Jack Slot Icon
Jackaroo Jack
  • Release: Oct 2018
  • Soft: Lighting Box
  • RTP: 95.62%
  • Reels: 5
  • Lines: 1,024
  • Mobile: Yes

Jackaroo Jack is one more Australian themed slot machine which comes from Lightning Box, a developer which is based there. They’ve launched other slots as well for Australia, such as Redroo, where the hero was a kangaroo. In this case though, we’re looking at an Australian adventurer and at a variety of creatures from the region.

Halloween Jack Slot Icon
Halloween Jack
  • Release: Aug 2018
  • Soft: Lighting Box
  • RTP: 95.52%
  • Reels: 5
  • Lines: 40
  • Mobile: Yes

Lightning Box Games is the latest developer to offer a scary themed slot machine, and their choice of theme was for a story about the Headless Horseman. It’s a popular enough story, and in slot machine form it’s more original than the usual witch themed scary slots, so I give the developer points for originality.

Lightning Box Games, having been around the gambling industry since 2004, has managed to secure for itself an excellent reputation over the years. The company is active in both the land-based and the online markets, offering excellent slot machines for both, titles which are generally very well received.

The company is based in Australia, with main offices being located in Sydney. They pride themselves with the highly skilled team of developers, mathematicians, animators, illustrators, musicians and producers working for them. They claim to offer math based content, and the people that founded Lightning Box and worked on their math models are the same ones that created them for the likes of IGT and Aristocrat, so they clearly know what they’re doing.

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First of all, they mention that they offer math focused games, using new bonuses and styles, so they don’t rely just on the expected game play. Second, they develop their games for multiple platforms, so they can be tried out at land-based locations, online, on social media sites and on mobile devices. Third, their games can meet some of the toughest regulations in the world, and the content they put out is compliant for both online and offline markets.


Lightning Box has been founded in 2004, in Sydney, Australia. The company’s founders are mathematicians which have worked in this industry before, and in fact they have experience in designing math models for some of the most popular slots around, from the likes of IGT and Aristocrat. They went on to create their own company then, one which would have the same focus on math models and which has always tried to bring something new, rather than rely on the same old types of game play.

Considering how many years they’ve been in business, the 57 games they currently offer aren’t that many, but on the other hand the company is working on all possible platforms, not just for the online one. Their games are present at land-based operators from Asia, America and Europe, as well as with online operators, on mobile devices and even on social media sites. They’ve done a good job expanding into all these areas, and usually I’ve found their games to be highly promoted by online casinos and appreciated by players.

Lightning Box Slot Games

A company which focuses solely on slot machines and has a math-based approach to them, Lightning Box currently has 57 different titles available on the market, or about to come out. The latest slot machine they’ve announced is Jackaroo Jack, and as several other titles of theirs the inspiration comes from their native country, Australia.

One thing that I’ve noticed about their slot machines, theme wise at least, is that they have a lot of titles which are using wildlife symbols. Often enough, it’s African related (Heart of Africa, Serengeti Lions, Serengeti Diamonds, Silver Lioness and Silver Lion), but Australia has also been used in the past (Redroo), as was South America (Jungle Reels).

Besides the wildlife related games, I’ve discovered some regular ones, but also a fair number which have unique stories to tell. You can go searching the beach with a metal detector in The Beach Comber, ride in style in Stretch Limo, check out sexy angels in Angel’s Touch, go back to the time of the dinosaurs with Dinosaur Up, or get scared for Halloween through Lightning Horseman.


As someone that puts a big emphasis on graphics in slot machines, I’ve never been overly excited about the look of the Lightning Box releases. They are decent looking slots, no question about that, but place them next to a release from the likes of Quickspin, Thunderkick or NetEnt, and the difference in quality is clearly visible. There is just not as much attention to detail in the Lightning Box slots. Clearly, this hasn’t stopped them from being a lot more popular than some of the other developers doing a much better job graphics wise, so players seem to care more about exciting game play, not necessarily about design.


Lightning Box mentions quite a bit their use of unique math models and that mathematicians have founded the company, so the feature aspect and the unique elements from their games are to be expected. You will find a lot of variety in the features that they offer.

Multipliers as high as 27x will come in Redroo for example, and there are also stacked symbols, scatters, wilds and free spins to enjoy there. Take another game, like Lightning Horseman, to discover re-spins and the Flippin Retrigger, among others.


Rest assured, Lightning Box is not ignoring payouts in their games. Some of them can actually be quite impressive in the potential that they have, and Redroo is an example that I’d give, since it will offer as much as 33,000x the stake during its free spins.

The developer even has about half a dozen games with big RTP, the top three being Arabian Rose, Moon Temple and Diamond Tower. These are all at 97% or higher.