Tidal Riches Slot Machine

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It might feel like a very common new slot machine at first, thanks to its use of 5 reels & 20 lines, along with a marine theme which is found in dozens of its competitors, but look beyond that initial game area and you will discover a unique game. Tidal Riches, one of Green Tube’s slots, has expanding reels, and the game area can explode in size, giving you a lot more chances to win big.

While you start off with 5 reels & 20 lines, the game will get as many as 6 reels eventually, with up to 50 paylines active on them. Rewards of 1,500x the stake are a possibility, and that could turn into a jackpot of $150,000. As for the major features which Tidal Riches is introducing, they revolve around free spins, wilds, scatters, Reel Drops and the Arrow Trail.

Betting and Prizes

Betting wise, you get to place a wager which varies between $0.20 and $100, the full range that the slot offers. You can set it up as you need to, and the line bet will change from $0.01 to $5.

Reward wise, you can get the very best rewards when the reels are expanded, a combo of 6 Dolphins paying 30x the stake, so $3,000. Given the presence of up to 50 lines in the game, it should be capable of offering a reward of 1,500x the stake, or $150,000, in a single spin. It’s not a huge amount, and you do need 6 symbols to get it, so it’s even harder than in a regular 5-reel slot.

Tidal Riches Slot Features

There are some very exciting things about Tidal Riches, feature wise. You will notice that the game area has 5x3 reels as you start off, with two grayed out positions at the top, along with an inactive 6th reel. The slot can have up to 6x5 reels for you to play on.

Wondering how you can get access to that extra game space? The answer is that you have to form winning combinations. They will explode, thanks to the Reel Drops, and will bring other symbols in, to create other combinations. Each time this happens, in consecutive Drops, you also get arrows which expand the game area.

The first arrow offers you the additional reel, so you have 6 reels of 3 symbols each at this point, with the same 20 lines. Combinations form both ways.

With two arrows, the game area increases in height, so now you have 6x4 reels and 40 lines.

Three arrows, or consecutive wins which come from Reel Drops, will get you the full game area. 6X5 reels will host 50 lines now, and they still pay both ways.

The fourth time that you land a win and get an arrow, you trigger 5 free spins, with the full-sized game area. Additional free spins can be won, with the help of the same Arrow Trail.

Another common feature offered in the game is the wild symbol, which you can use to replace most symbols, though not Treasure Chest scatters.

Theme & Design

Theme wise, you’re going to find an ocean-inspired design, so it’s not quite unique. You’re going to see plenty of marine life on its reels, with major symbols showing you fish, turtles, dolphins and so on. The downside is that you’re also getting some Royals in there.


Tidal Riches is highly enjoyable for anyone that likes playing slots which have unique features or mechanics, so it’s worth trying out for that reason.

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