GVG Slot Games 2021

Green Valley Games, or GVG as it’s also called sometimes, is a developer of gaming content, which appears to be working as a third-party supplier for another bigger company, called SkillOnNet. They’re a bit low key, not offering a website with information about their achievements so far, and so the list of games that they’ve created so far isn’t very well known. Casinos that offer players access to SkillOnNet titles will host the GVG slots as well as a result.

GVG Online Slots List

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The license that allows Green Valley Games to work comes from a number of gambling jurisdictions that are based in Europe, including here the United Kingdom, Denmark or Malta. In total, it is known that over 80 titles have been designed and launched by GVG in time, covering here the slot machines and various table games.


Though GVG have been around for a number of years now, they’re a relatively low key operation and they don’t let the world know much about themselves. They don’t seem to offer a website, and they’re working as exclusive partners for SkillOnNet, offering their content on that company’s platform. There is little about their history that can be glimpsed from online sources.

GVG Casino Games Features

Looking at the games that were created by GVG so far, you will notice a relatively long list of slot machines, along with a small number of other casino games that you would find at any online casino right now. I’ve counted around 80+ slot machines that they created so far, many of them of good quality.

The main categories of the slot machine market are both covered, and so you will encounter both 3 and 5 reel titles in the GVG collection. The focus lately has been on 5 reel titles, the video slots being much more popular and usually a lot better looking as well. 3 reel games have a dated look and the themes are rarely very interesting. In an age where you have access to thousands of different slot machines by visiting a single online casino, players have gotten used to unique themes and great designs, and the older games from GVG don’t always offer that. Things do get better with their 5 reel slots though, and I would recommend you check them out.

Green Valley Games offer content that is available on mobile devices, their slot machines being accessible on these new platforms that have been popular in the last decade or so. 3D graphics are to be expected in their slots, though the quality of the results varies from one game to the next.

If you look at the list of slot machines that are offered at a SkillOnNet casino, many of them will be coming from GVG actually. I would mention a couple of my favorite slot machines, including Ghost Pirates, Fun Fair Ride, Kiss The Sky or Lady Luck. There are many more that you will enjoy from their collection though, and these are mentioned just to give you a taste of the 5 reel slot category.

As for the 3 reel slot machines, those exist as well, and if you’re the kind of player that prefers a simpler game, a classic in other words, you can check out titles like 7th Heaven, Love Machine or High Gear.

As for the themes that have been chosen for their slots, there are a couple that I found interesting, and I’d mention here Happy 60s, Kiss the Sky and Space Arcade. They have their share of genie, ninja, pirate or diamond themed games as well, so they’re not immune to making boring choices theme wise.


Generally, I can say that I’m a fan of the content that is provided by GVG, and the graphics are a part of that. You can’t compare their work with the likes of NetEnt, Play n Go or Quickspin, but many of their newer slots are as good as those that come out of Microgaming. The quality is good enough that you will be able to focus on the rest of the game’s attributes when deciding if you want to play it.


Expanding wilds, free spins, scatter symbols, bonus games, these are all part of the Green Valley Games collection. Count on the 3 reel slot machines to be a lot simpler than that, but otherwise these are typical features that they offer. I haven’t noticed any real innovation in their titles though.

GVG Slots RTP and Payouts

I’ve seen some games with truly inspiring top jackpots that you can go after, one even paying 10,000x the line bet. Others are much less interesting in that regard, but they can hold their own against slots from other companies.

There are two progressive jackpots that can be won as well, one of them in a game called Millionaire Genie, which has 3 reels/3 lines, the other being Fun Fair Ride, with 5 reels/10 lines.