Dungeon: Immortal Evil Slot Review

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Dungeon: Immortal Evil Slot
Release Feb 2020
Provider Evoplay Entertainment
Max. RTP 96.20%
Reels ---
Paylines/Ways ---
Betting Range (€/$) 0.10 - 100
Max. Payout 5,000x
Progressive Jackpot No
Megaways No

If you’re tired of the usual slot machines, and you’re looking for something exciting and unique to play, then Evoplay Entertainment has just the thing for you. Dungeon: Immortal Evil is a 3D RPG-style slot machine, which has the player’s main character traveling through the halls of a castle, defeating enemies which range from imps to evil creatures, and getting prizes from loot that will drop from their bodies.

Dungeon: Immortal Evil is not a game to feature the usual reels and lines, so you don’t have the expected features either. You can get mystery loot, you can fight bosses, and you can upgrade your weapons and armor along the way, just like you would in a video game. Ultimately, the slot’s RTP is pretty good at the 96.20% that we’ve seen mentioned, and the payouts of up to 5,000x the stake are impressive as well. At the same time, volatility tends to be medium to high, so a fair amount of risk will be present in this game.

Betting and Prizes

The Bet section allows you to change the amount wagered in the upcoming spin, and the range there will be between $0.10 and $100.

With a jackpot of up to 5,000x, I’d say that the game is doing fairly well in getting its players interested, and that could mean up to $500,000 cash, if you were using the highest setting.

At the same time, even though the rewards look great, there is higher than average risk involved as well. The volatility is medium-high here, but the RTP of 96.20% tells us that players tend to get a fair amount of cash back, as an average.

Dungeon: Immortal Evil Slot Features

As I’ve previously mentioned, Dungeon: Immortal Evil is a 3D game, with an RPG influenced mechanic, where you’re using a barbarian main character, to advance through the halls of a mountain castle. Armed initially with War Axes (30 damage), the character will get an upgrade to Frost Axes (35) and Storm Axes (40 damage), as monsters drop them along the way. The Nord Armor (800 health) will be upgraded with a Solid Helmet (extra 200 health) and then a Wolf Helmet (another 200 extra health).

The way this works, is you click on the Double Axes shaped Spin button from the bottom. The warrior will advance to the next room, where he will fight against 1 or more enemies. Each enemy he defeats can drop loot, and the range of the possible values there will change. The higher the level of the enemy, the bigger the attack power as well. The toughest enemy can drop loot that will range in value between 20x and 5,000x.

As you continue to advance, you eventually unlock the bonus achievements, and you gain access to the final level, where you will meet the boss (Evil) and get your chance at the big prize.

Theme & Design

With RPG inspired graphics, the story appears to revolve around a Nordic warrior, a barbarian almost, wearing little armor despite the cold and the snow that is constantly falling on him. These are 3D graphics, so it looks like you’re in a video game, fighting your way through hordes of monsters and potentially winning some prizes as well.

There are no regular symbols, just the monsters which you will be fighting along the way, each one with a different range of values when it comes to potential loot that can drop. The Imp is at the bottom of that paytable, followed by the Skeleton, Inferno, Succubus, Acolyte, Scary Spider, Gargoyle, Mimic and Evil (boss).


Dungeon: Immortal Evil is definitely not the kind of slot machine that you’d expect to find, and there aren’t any actual reels for you to play on, just the never-ending waves of monsters that you’re fighting and hoping to get loot from.

I’m not actually sure that it can be classified as a slot machine, since it lacks the mechanics typically associated with these games. Still, it has the expected RTP, it can pay very well, and it’s different from the slots that you’ve been playing for years, so for me it was worth checking out, and I had fun with it.

Though the action is interesting, I would’ve expected such a game to work better if it catered to the casual player, not the hardcore ones, and if there was more in the way of loot and special features to be had.

For what it’s worth, it’s interesting enough, and it has the required top jackpots, so I’d recommend it to the hardcore gamblers, because of the novelty factor. Who knows, perhaps you will end up liking it as well.

Dungeon: Immortal Evil Slot Machine FAQ

❓ What is a key options of the Dungeon: Immortal Evil slot?

✔️ Slot developer: Evoplay Entertainment , Max. RTP: 96.20% , Betting Range (€/$): 0.10 - 100 , Max Payout: 5,000x .

❓ Where can I play Dungeon: Immortal Evil?

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❓ Can I play Dungeon: Immortal Evil slot on my phone?

✔️ Yes, it's absolutely mobile-friendly!

❓ Where can I play this slot machine free?

✔️ You should choose one of the recomended online casinos listed here and push "Play Now" button. Any casinos ask you to register account, any casinos allow to play Dungeon: Immortal Evil free without registration.