ELK Studios Slot Games 2021

ELK Studios is a Swedish game company that has been established in September 2013, with the goal to create beautiful games that also work well and rely on good mathematical models. The company is based in Stockholm and over the course of the years it has released a small number of slot machines, which seems to suggest that they’re working hard on making the games enjoyable, rather than launching them as fast as they can. ELK claim to have hundreds of concepts of games that are just waiting to be created though, and hopefully in the coming years we’re going to see them come to life.

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The company mentions that they’re using strong math models in their games and that they rely on statistical modelling, big databases and cloud-based computing when they’re working on the models of ELK Studios games, insuring that they’re reliable and refined.

Though their content is accessible on regular desktops, they see themselves as a mobile first studio, and so you will always get the best experience possible on a mobile device. If you like to play on the go, then the small but high-quality ELK slots collection should be one that you check out.


There isn’t that much about the history of ELK Studios that is available out there. They started out in September 2013, but they didn’t launch a lot of titles in their first couple of years. Their first office was in Engelbrektsgatan, in Sweden. Their first slot machine was released in October 2014, and it was called The Lab. Their next game came a couple of months later, in the form of Electric SAM. They launched two more games in 2015 and in September they hired employee #10. It took them one more year to hire employee #15, but in the meantime, they released another 5 real money slots.

As you can tell, it’s a small game studio and they had a small but steady growth over the years. Since then, they’ve launched more games, they participated with all their employees at ICE Gaming 2017 and that same year one of their games, Wild Toro, got an award as Game of the Year at the EGR Operators Award event.

Even now, they release new games at 1 to 3 months intervals, so all in all they probably have about half a dozen new titles each year.

ELK Studios Casino Games

Focused entirely on slot games which have strong mathematical models and crisp graphics, ELK Studios has launched only 50 games so far, but most of them are a lot of fun. It’s particularly impressive since this is a smaller game studio, with less than 20 employees right now. They started out with slots like The Lab or Electric SAM, which got player’s attention quickly, and these days they launch the likes of Miss Wildfire, Katmandu Gold, online slots that are interesting and fairly unique theme wise.

A single classic slot machine has been offered, in terms of layout at least, with 3 reels, but even that game has 17 bet ways so it’s far from a regular game. The other slots they’ve put out have 5 reels, with 3 or more symbols for each column. They often rely on a lot of bet ways, so you get 178 in Hidden and Wild Toro, 99 in Hong Kong Tower or 4,096 in Nitropolis.

The themes of their games vary, so you get female pirates in a slot like Wild Seas, a look at Ancient Egypt in Hidden, but also battles from the 18th century in Poltava or a couple of fun characters in the Taco Brothers series.


Generally, I found that ELK Studios excels when it comes to graphics. They chose their themes well for the most part, as I explained above, and the graphics are outstanding. 3D and 2D graphics are both employed, depending on the game, and the level of detail that is used is amazing. I found mostly related symbols on those reels as well, so even when they chose more generic symbols for the low-paying part of the paytable, they went with something theme related, not with card suits and playing cards like so many other developers.


For the features of ELK games, most of the time you get a mix between regular options and special ones, so the slots that result from this always feel special. Wild symbols are present, scatters as well, and their presence can result in free spins, re-spins or bonus games, depending on the game.

Their bonus games are to be appreciated, oftentimes involving special mechanics that are built for them. Wild Seas and Poltava are two excellent examples of that, with battles between ships for the former and between soldiers for the latter.

ELK Slots RTP and Payouts

The typical top payout for an ELK Studios slot will be somewhere around 1,000 coins for a single combo, but thanks to the many bet ways involved, the best rounds can deliver somewhere around 200,000 coins for many of their slots.

The Return to Player percentage looks about as good as you’d expect, with 96% and higher being the number that you usually get.