Cryptologic Slot Games 2021

Cryptologic is one of the major companies that offer games for online casinos, and what’s best is that they’ve been doing it for over two decades now, being a company that was established in 1995. The games they offer are available globally, to players from most countries, though the ones based in USA unfortunately are not among those that get access. This company is currently owned by NYX Gaming, but for a long time they were independent.

Cryptologic Online Slots List

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The software and games that Cryptologic offers will come in multiple languages, and their customer support is provided in those as well. You have English of course, along with Italian, German, French, Spanish, Greek, Japanese and Chinese. With these languages, they’re able to cover a huge portion of the market and most of the players will typically know at least one. Payment processing is done through their own service, ECash Direct. They’ve processed over $30 billion so far, in currencies like USD, EUR and GBP.


Since it’s got its start in 1995, Cryptologic ended up being one of the early pioneers of the online casino industry, being right there next to Microgaming and other giants of this market. Unfortunately for them, they didn’t end up being at the top and they were acquired first by Amaya, and then they were sold again to NYX Gaming in 2015. The last time they were sold, to NYX, they were in a sale of $150 million, in which Amaya also included Chartwell.

The company was founded in a basement, the founders being Mark and Andrew Rivkin. The initial license that they signed was in 1996 and it was with InterCasino. They ended up having over 300 employees and being listed on the stock exchange, but eventually they were bought by Amaya in 2012, and that was the end of their independence.

Cryptologic Casino Games Features

Cryptologic has managed to create a complete mix of casino games over the years, and they had a lot of time to do it. There are more than 200 titles that they put on the market, games that range from the ever popular real money slots, to roulette, blackjack and everything else you could think of. Naturally, the majority of those games are made up by the slots.

In terms of slot machines, I would start with their branded games, since those are typically the ones in which the most effort goes, no matter what developer creates them. Cryptologic had its fair share of branded games to offer, and I would mention among them names like King Kong, Batman, The Incredible Hulk, Green Lantern, Forrest Gump and Braveheart. These are games that you typically can’t play anywhere else, so going with a casino that has Cryptologic slots is a very good idea if you’re a fan of any of these movies.

If we’re looking at the slot machines that have more general themes, you will find the usual Irish (Cash n Clovers), gambling (Just Vegas) and luxury (Millionaires Club III) related games, along with many others.


If you put the Cryptologic slots side by side to those that are coming out of the best developers, I think that you will find them less impressive, but still very well made. Perhaps because most of them have been released some time ago, most of them will not stand that well to scrutiny. I still enjoyed the look of a lot of their games though, particularly the branded ones that they’ve released lately. Games like Green Lantern, The Flash or Superman have excellent comic book style graphics, and for the most part only symbols that belong on those reels and in that theme.


In terms of the features that their games put out, I’ve found them to be slightly on the boring side. You do get two or more features in each game, but they don’t innovate enough in them. Typically, a slot machine offered by this developer would’ve had wild symbols, scatters, free spins and in quite a few cases there would be a bonus game in there as well. They didn’t build those features in a different way than other developers did though.

Cryptologic Slots RTP and Payouts

One of the things that I did always enjoy about their online slots is the payouts that they usually put in them. Slot machines that have paylines, rather than ways to win, tend to pay more, and there were a lot of games of theirs that had top prizes of 10,000x. There were exceptions as well, naturally, but overall their slots provided you with big targets that you could aim for.