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Golden Royals Slot Machine

Modern slot provider Multi-Paylines slot

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Golden Royals is one of the slot machines that Booming Games has prepared for release in 2018, and a title where they went with one of the most common symbols available in slot machines, the Royal card. These are turned into a regular theme here, and you see actual images of the queens and kings that you’d normally get only as Q’s and K’s and low paying symbols.

In the case of Golden Royals, the players will find that there are 30 active lines to play on, 5 reels to spin and some impressive features to trigger. Among these, there will be random wild multipliers, free spins, scatters and a bonus called Kings on the Corners.

Betting and Prizes

Golden Royals is going to require that you have 30 lines active, and so for that reason you need to include a minimum of 30 coins in your bets. Starting from the bare minimum wager of $0.30, you can go considerably higher by selecting a coin value and a level for the line bet, so that you can end up with an amount that you can live with.

It’s the sort of game that comes with big multipliers, so you can end up with impressive rewards if things work out for you. One of the bigger payouts that you can win from Golden Royals will be coming via scatters, with rewards of 100x the stake available if you get all five.

Golden Royals Slot Features

Among the unusual features that Golden Royals introduces, I’d definitely mention the Corner Kings. It’s going to require that you land four King symbols on the reels, each one in a different corner of the game area. Should that happen, you will get a payout worth 10x the total stake. It’s not the sort of feature that you’d expect to get often, so I’m not sure if it’s not just a gimmick to make the list of bonuses longer.

A Scatter Shield is going to appear in the game as a feature trigger, a very elaborate looking design being used for it that makes it look attractive. You make use of this symbol when you get it multiple times on the reels, even if their position is not on any particular payline. Their presence on up to five reels will get you a maximum of 15 free spins, plus there is also a jackpot of 100x total stake. Every scatter that you get during those free spins will add one extra round to the current total.

There is one other feature available for the free spins, which I’ve found impressive. It’s a wild symbol that gets a random multiplier, to be applied to wins that get formed thanks to it. You can have the multiplier set to 2x, 3x, 5x or 7x, and obviously you’re going to want to get that last one if possible.

Theme & Design

At its basis, the design relies on the Royals of the poker cards, so the images of Jacks, Queens or Kings that so often slot machines will use as low-paying icons. Here, they get the main roles, and you also get in them actual images of royalty, not just simple letters. For a playing card themed slot, I’d say that it has impressive graphics. Your combinations will need matching Kings, Queens or Jacks. You can’t have Jacks of different types forming a single combo, they’re not considered the same.


Golden Royals looks like a game that actually manages to innovate somewhat, despite the almost classic nature of its theme that would suggest otherwise.

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