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Max Quest: Wrath of Ra promises to be one of the most revolutionary slot machines to be released in recent years, and it’s Betsoft Gaming that has created it. The game changes the way you play slot machines, removing reels from the equation and offering an adventure game instead, one where you enter a pyramid and fight hordes of mummies using advanced weaponry.

You’re not going to find any regular reels or paylines inside. Instead, you buy bullets and you fire them at the enemies, which may or may not bring you a reward upon being hit. You get all sorts of extra weapons and treasures along the way, to make the action more fun and provide some variety. Rewards of up to 100x the stake have been announced, while the RTP is going to be set to 96%.

Betting and Prizes

Designed for an unusual game, the betting system will be just as different as the gameplay is. You pay for bullets, an amount which varies between $0.01 and $0.25 for each one. The slot gives you the option to buy 100 to 50,000 bullets in advance. Depending on the options that you select, the amount you spend varies between $1 and $12,500 to get the game going.

It’s not an easy game to figure out, since it’s marketed as a slot machine, but it doesn’t work like one. Rewards of up to 100x the stake are promised, which is not a lot by slot machine standards. On the other hand, they announce for it an RTP of 96%, which is what you can expect to get from most slot machines. It pays like a slot machine, but it should be a lot more fun to play than one, so the game definitely has its pros.

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Slot Features

You start off by going into a pyramid, and you will choose a character to represent you. You pick the face for that character, you give him a name, and then you enter the pyramid, in a multiplayer environment. Up to 6 players can fight the hordes of mummies at the same time, and 2% of what they wager will go to a common fund.

You start off by buying bullets, at the value that you prefer, and then you enter a game room of your choice. You shoot at enemies and you always hit them, but the rewards vary. Upon destroying enemies, you may get treasures from them, or you could obtain a special weapon which you will use for a while. You might get grenades, bigger guns or more advanced weaponry.

The slot will also offer Loot Chests, which can contain shotgun shells, grenades, ammo for machine guns, for laser guns or plasma rifles.

The enemies which are hit will reward you with one of seven potential prizes in cash, plus some random XP, weapons or treasures. The small bugs running around will pay 2x to 50x, while the biggest ones may reach 200x. Risen Enemies, which are killed enemies that have come back to life, can reach a huge 5,000x.

Each game round may also bring around a risen God, which all players will be trying to kill.

Theme & Design

Obviously, this looks nothing like a slot machine. You fire your gun from the point occupied by your character, at the various enemies moving around. You collect prizes and upgrades to your weapons as you do so. The design quality is excellent, and it could pass as an arcade game designed to be played on a mobile device.


It’s a lot of fun, it’s capable of paying quite well, and it’s as unique as a slot machine can get. I’m not sure if it will catch on, but I like that Betsoft is trying something new here.

200% + 30 FS
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200% up to €200 + 30 FS
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100% up to €300
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