Max Quest - Mission: Amazon Slot Review

High RTP Modern slot provider Fantastic graphic
Max Quest - Mission: Amazon Specification
Release date --- 2020
Provider BetSoft
Max. RTP 97.50%
Reels ---
Paylines/Ways ---
Betting Range (€/$) 0.01 - 0.50
Max. Payout 6,000x
Progressive Jackpot No
Megaways No

Mission: Amazon is the latest slot machine that Betsoft is planning to release in the Max Quest series. Along with his team of soldiers and explorers, Max Quest is a more appropriate hero for our times, in a slot machine which innovates like no other before it. We’re expecting the same RPG-style content as before, with missions and enemies to fight, along with plenty of prizes waiting to be delivered. The original has done a great job at turning interactive shooting into a slot machine, where you kill enemies and you have a chance at getting paid with each one you take down. We can’t wait to see what kind of upgrades they’ve thought of for the sequel.

You can play Max Quest – Mission: Amazon and get your wagers back at up to 6,000x multiples, quite impressive in a slot machine that also has an above average RTP of 97.50%. There is plenty to keep you busy as well, ranging from special weapons, to quests, different enemies to kill and special rewards.

Betting and Prizes

The typical bets range from $0.01 to $0.50, the amount spent on each bullet you fire. You pick the room in which you want to play, depending on how much you want to pay per bullet.

The payouts have the potential to be impressive, with the upper limit set to 6,000x the stake (bullet cost). You don’t get a lot of cash then, since the bullet cost tends to be low, but the return is impressive nonetheless. Once you add that 97.50% RTP as well, the list of reasons to give this slot a try is getting pretty long.

Max Quest – Mission: Amazon Slot Features

You start off in the lobby, where you get to pick a room in which you will play. The difference is related to the cost of the bullets that you will be using, and the five options given range from $0.01 to $0.50 (operators can change this). There is also an overview of your character, XP level, number of kills and other info.

Once inside, you will see a view of the zone you’re in, along with enemies and other objects. Playing requires that you tap your finger on your targets. If there is no target there, the bullet bounces until it hits another target on the screen. To fire continuously, keep your finger pressed on the screen. There is also the option to lock target on a certain enemy with all your shots.


You fire with weapons, of course, and the game gives you the option to buy crates with random weapons in them, along with a quantity of ammo required for them. These weapons can also drop at random, from enemies. Special weapons don’t cost you anything to fire, but their bullets will be limited, and you will return to the basic pistol eventually.

Weapons can hit one or more enemies (if they have area of effect damage), they have different strengths, and some are better than others. Artillery strikes, flamethrowers, lasers, plasma rifles, mine launchers, machine guns, shotguns and pistols (starting weapon) can be used.

Defeating enemies will give you XP, allowing you to level up and go up the leaderboards. It’s a bragging rights kind of thing, you don’t win anything if you are at the top.

Quests and Rewards

The game gives you quests to complete, and each one will require different objects to drop from defeated enemies. Five quests are available, each one with three different objects that need to be collected. As an example, Betelgeuse’s Passion will require a Golden Idol, a Jeweled Goblet of Wisdom, and The Heart of Betelgeuse ruby. A quest that is completed will pay an instant prize.

You also get instant prizes if the defeated enemies drop one of four types of rare gems (diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires), or regular rewards when they die.


Each round, enemies will be moving around the game area, eventually leaving it if they’re not destroyed. You can target them individually, or you can set the game to Auto-Lock and Auto-Fire. Multiple players can do damage to an enemy, in which case the reward is split based on damage done.

There are standard enemies (12 of them, ranging from carnivorous ants to skullbreakers) and legendary bosses (Spider Queen, Stone Guardian and Primal King).

Theme & Design

It’s an adventure, where you control the hero and his weapon, firing from the bottom towards the enemies which appear on the screen. It looks like a video game, though a simpler one, as you’re obviously not playing Halo here. There are three legendary bosses to encounter, along with a dozen standard ones.


If you want to know what’s happening, Max Quest: Mission Amazon has about a dozen pages of rules and explanations, on enemies, weapons and rewards. However, none of that is really necessary. You just need to start a round and keep firing at enemies. Some will be tougher to kill, but the rewards are likely to be better as well. It’s not your typical slot machine, but I’d consider that a plus for it, it’s going to make for an interesting gaming session. Take the 97.50% RTP and the 6,000x jackpot into consideration as well, and I definitely see the merits of trying out this slot machine.

Max Quest - Mission: Amazon is not yet available to play, but we will have a full review for it once it is released.

Max Quest - Mission: Amazon Slot Machine FAQ

❓ What is a key features of the Max Quest - Mission: Amazon slot?

✔️ This is a slot from BetSoft , return to player is 97.50% You can play from €/$ 0.01 to €/$ 0.50 per spin. Payouts up to 6,000 times your stake.

❓ Where can I play Max Quest - Mission: Amazon?

✔️ NewSlotGames team prepare a rating of online casinos with BetSoft games. Check the best BetSoft casinos list with Max Quest - Mission: Amazon slot.

❓ Can I play Max Quest - Mission: Amazon slot on my phone or tablet?

✔️ Yes, it's reated with HTML5 technology and absolutely mobile-friendly!

❓ Where can I play this slot machine free?

✔️ You should choose one of the recomended online casinos listed here and push "Play Now" button. Any casinos ask you to register account, any casinos allow to play Max Quest - Mission: Amazon free without registration.