Max Quest: Dead Man’s Cove Slot Review

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High RTP Modern slot provider Fantastic graphic
Max Quest: Dead Man’s Cove Specification
Release date Oct 2020
Provider BetSoft
Max. RTP 97.50%
Reels ---
Paylines/Ways ---
Betting Range (€/$) 0.20 - 1
Max. Payout 6,000x
Progressive Jackpot No
Megaways No

Max Quest: Dead Man’s Cove is one of about five different games that Betsoft has already released or is planning to, by the end of 2020. Max Quest is the umbrella under which all these titles are united, sharing the same hero, which is going to another location in each case. Dead Man’s Cove is obviously a slot machine with a pirate theme, so we’re going to fight for treasures once again. In each case, these games have been arcade-like titles, with RPG-style elements, various regular and legendary enemies, but also with questing and prizes that can be won. Quite different from everything else available in the online casino games category, and definitely worth checking out.

As it’s not a typical slot machine, Dead Man’s Cove doesn’t have the expected reels and lines, so instead you’re getting the RPG-style action to deliver you prizes. Up to 6,000x the stake can be paid in a single round, and while the game is considered highly volatile, it also has an excellent RTP, at 97.50%. You choose the room where you’re playing, along with the weapon, and along the way you fight different monsters, register critical hits and find treasures.

Betting and Prizes

You are deciding on how much you are spending for each bullet that’s fired at the monsters. The range for them is from $0.02 to $1.

In exchange, Dead Man’s Cove can deliver a top jackpot of 6,000x the stake, which would be up to $6,000 here. RTP is excellent, with a 97.50% that puts it at the top of the industry, but on the other hand you will also find that the game’s volatility is high.

Max Quest: Dead Man’s Cove Slot Features

As I’ve mentioned already, you’re playing an RPG game, and you’re firing bullets at enemies, paying for every single one. While you can control the aim of the weapon, it can also be automated, and even if you miss, the bullet keeps moving around and bouncing until it hits something. Just because it hits, it doesn’t mean that it pays, because enemies have multiple HP points, and you need to take them all away with bullets in order to get a win.

The rewards that you end up with will include prizes, along with better weapons and treasures. Keys are collected along the way, and they may also bring rewards once they are used to get access to treasures.

Weapons range from regular pistols, to rapid fire versions, shotguns, machine guns, grenades, mine and rocket launchers, plasma rifles, lasers, railguns, flamethrowers, cryoguns and artillery strikes. Some will hit multiple enemies at the same time, others take away multiple hit points. Special events will come in the form of critical hits and bonus or instant wins, particularly if you deal more damage to an enemy, than you need to kill it.

You’re going against enemies which appear and move at random on the screen. There are three types of enemies present, and each type has three levels (number of hit points changes).

  • Standard (crabs, rats, gulls).
  • Special (zombie pirates).
  • Legendary Bosses (Leviathan, Captain Blackbeard and Aluren the Siren).

A certain multiplayer like experience is included, as there can be several players with you, shooting at monsters in the same room. If 2+ hit the same enemy, they all get a share of the prizes it pays.

Theme & Design

It’s going to be a pirate themed RPG-style game, and some may call it a slot machine, but it’s not actually anything of the sort. It’s a good change from the usual slots with reels, as those can get boring eventually. I personally really enjoy the Max Quest series from Betsoft, and if you’re a fan of pirates then Dead Man’s Cove is the only one to feature this particular type of story.

As this is not a slot, the graphics will take you to different locations (rooms), and you will find various enemies that appear on the screen. Simple, but it looks better than most online slots that you will come across.


Max Quest: Dead Man’s Cove is yet another game which allows you to gamble your way through waves of undead enemies, shooting them and winning prizes. I loved the different experience, along with the very high RTP.

Max Quest: Dead Man’s Cove Slot Machine FAQ

❓ What is a key features of the Max Quest: Dead Man’s Cove slot?

✔️ This is a slot from BetSoft , return to player is 97.50% You can play from €/$ 0.20 to €/$ 1 per spin. Payouts up to 6,000 times your stake.

❓ Where can I play Max Quest: Dead Man’s Cove?

✔️ NewSlotGames team prepare a rating of online casinos with BetSoft games. Check the best BetSoft casinos list with Max Quest: Dead Man’s Cove slot.

❓ Can I play Max Quest: Dead Man’s Cove slot on my phone or tablet?

✔️ Yes, it's reated with HTML5 technology and absolutely mobile-friendly!

❓ Where can I play this slot machine free?

✔️ You should choose one of the recomended online casinos listed here and push "Play Now" button. Any casinos ask you to register account, any casinos allow to play Max Quest: Dead Man’s Cove free without registration.