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Barcrest continues to expand its offering for the online gaming industry, and this time we’re getting a jewelry themed slot machine, one which relies on colorful gems which are set in gold. Winfall isn’t a great looking game, but then again that’s not really something that I expect to find in Barcrest’s collection.

Though it relies on 5 reels with 3 symbols in each case, Winfall doesn’t use regular lines, and instead forms winning combinations when 3 or more symbols appear in consecutive order, either horizontally or vertically. Bonus features are in play, called Extra Diamonds, and multipliers could be triggered as well at that point. The game will deliver wins of up to 500x total stake, and at the same time it’s been limited by Barcrest to a top payout of $250,000 for a single spin.

Betting and Prizes

A single setting can be changed, to reach whatever bet level is needed, in a range of $0.10 to $500. The game offers access to all possible combinations, no matter what level is used for the wager.

As for the prizes which the game will pay, they’re worth 50x total stake for the best winning combination that you form inside. The bonus feature pays a fair amount as well, up to 500x total stake. No matter what kind of wager you’re using, you can’t get more than $250,000 in a single spin, this being a cap that’s in place for all slot machines I’ve seen Barcrest release over the years.

If you’re the type of player to use smaller bets, chances are that you’re going to be disappointed with Winfall, as with other Barcrest slots. The RTP is actually lower for wagers below $2, than it is for $2 or higher. You get a 94% RTP for the smaller bets, and a 96% one for higher values. Even at its highest, this  is only an average game, while at its lowest RTP it’s not even worth checking out.

Winfall Slot Features

The formation of winning combinations is possible as long as you get three gems or more to line-up. This is possible either vertically or horizontally, though in the former case you get at most 3-symbol combinations (size of a column).

The symbols involved in winning combinations will get removed next, and others will come and replace them. Each time that you get a set of wins, you also make a section of a meter arrow to light up. If you reach the 6th level of the arrow meter, the slot’s Extra Diamonds bonus triggers.

Extra Diamonds has a disc to spin for you, with 16 positions. 12 of those have cash values, while 4 get a 2x multiplier. You can get a cash prize directly, or you can land a multiplier first, at which point all prizes from the disc are doubled. A spin comes next, and the multiplier has a chance of triggering again, unless you get the cash prize this time. 500X total stake is the most that this feature can pay.

Theme & Design

Winfall doesn’t make a big effort, not when it comes to its theme, and not design wise. That’s fairly typical of Barcrest actually, so if you’ve played their slots, you know what you’re getting yourself into. It’s gemstones that you’re going to see on the reels of Winfall. The game uses them in all positions, with five variants being available. They’re colored in blue, green, purple, red or yellow, and they’re set in gold.


Winfall is a typical Barcrest release, somewhat unusual feature wise, but with awful graphics and a very low RTP if you’re using small bets.

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