Aristocrat Slot Games 2021

Aristocrat Gaming is a developer from Australia that has been producing games for more than six decades now. They’ve been a creator of games for land based casinos for all this time, though in time they turned some of their titles into online games as well. They’ve been listed on Australia’s Stock Exchange for longer than most online companies have existed. Aristocrat Gaming recruit 3,000+ employees right now, from all over the world, and they are present in 90 countries, while Aristocrat slots are offered in all major gaming jurisdictions.

Aristocrat Online Slots List

Aristocrat Gaming is a huge company, though if you look only at its online scope, it might not be as visible to you. Still, if you look at the land based market, this is the second biggest company to produce real money slots or pokies, the first one being IGT.

Aristocrat has its own solution for regular casinos that want to create their own online sites, a platform called nLive. Over 50 popular online casinos took them on their offer, and either use their platform or simply integrate their games into another one.


The history of Aristocrat Gaming has started out in 1953, when it was founded by Len Ainsworth, the full name of the company being Aristocrat Leisure Limited. They created their first game machine that year and they went on from there. They introduced the Clubmaster range in 1956, a machine that had scattered payouts and multi-lines. Two years later, Aristocrat created the first poker machine in the world, which had a scorecard and fully lit reels. During the next decade, Aristocrat expanded to the European continent, though they also did very well in Las Vegas.

With the 70s bringing about the digital age, Aristocrat managed to stay ahead once again, creating the first slot machine that was video based. They were also the ones to launch the first slot machine with 5 reels. A big game of theirs, released in 1979, was Wild West.

During the 80s, Aristocrat opened up their offices in London, created a range of slots called Microstar and also launched a company called Aristocrat Australia Systems, which was behind Casino Management Systems.

The 90s saw Aristocrat being turned into a publicly listed company, but it was also the decade when they launched the popular MK Gaming System, and then the Hyperlink Gaming System. They opened offices in new countries, in Peru, South Africa or Columbia.

They obtained their license for Las Vegas in the year 2000, made some acquisitions and also created a joint venture with a Japanese company called Sammy Corp. They started expanding into China as well, starting from 2005.

They continue to expand even today, by making acquisitions, by releasing a large number of new Aristocrat games and by working on increasing their online presence.

Aristoctat Casino Games Features

As you’ve been reading up until this point, Aristocrat Gaming has a long and distinguished history in the land based casino market, as a creator of slot machines for gaming establishments. They started out with electronic gaming machines and they innovated a lot during their history of more than 60 years.

Besides slots, they also have created computerized table games, linked jackpot games and card games. They’re especially recognized for the Hyperlink system, which is patented as a linked jackpot. They’ve kept their eyes on the future all this time though, and they continued to expand to other platforms as well. Right now, you will find that Aristocrat slot machines are available on all Apple and Android powered mobile platforms, and that they have regular online games to offer as well. Many of their land based games are available online these days.

Speaking of online slots, Aristocrat has a fairly decent collection of such games right now. Many of these are based on popular land based slots, like Buffalo is. Among their online games, you will also find slots like Lucky Count, Werewolf Wild or Red Baron. Some are better than others, obviously, but on average I’d say that they offer enough good slots for you to enjoy.


Many of Aristocrat slots online borrow their graphics from their land-based counterparts, which isn’t always in their favor. You can see the potential in their games though, especially the more recent ones, since they offer high quality themed symbols usually. The downside is that they also make use of the usual poker logos, the ones that are copied from one game to the next in the exact same form. If you want an example of a game that would’ve been superb, if it hadn’t been for those poker icons, just take a look at Werewolf Wild.


As features, Aristocrat relies on many of the options that you’re used to seeing in these games, so you can count on scatters, wilds or free spins to be part of the deal. They will also improve those features in some cases though, so you might find a bonus game, a multiplier or some other ability in there, to make it more enjoyable. Overall, they’re not the kind to rely on simple games, and prefer to give you something that will entertain you.

Aristocrat Slots RTP and Payouts

Payout wise, Aristocrat slots will vary considerably, but usually they’re going to give away rewards of at least 1,000x. In some cases, you will get a lot of features to make up for the low rewards, while in other games you will have multipliers coming through wilds or free spins.