Amaya Gaming Slot Games 2021

Amaya Gaming Group is a Canadian company that has been in business for more than 13 years. It is currently the biggest gambling company that is publicly traded and they offer a variety of casino content, including software, games, as well as lottery, sportsbook and poker platforms. They appear to be focusing on multiple niches in the industry, with activity in the land-based casino market, in online casinos and in the increasing mobile market as well. Their advantages appear to be the features and graphics that they offer in the games.

Amaya Gaming is the owner of a number of major brands in the casino industry, using Rational Group as an umbrella for them. Among these brands you will find names like BetStars, PokerStars, Full Tilt and Stars Draft. Considering all these brands that they own, they have over 108 million players registered on their sites at a global level and they have the biggest network of poker sites.

Amaya Gaming Online Slots List

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Amaya slots are also quite popular, and they have more than 120 titles in their collection, games of very good quality and offered in a variety of themes.


Amaya was established in 2004 and it has started out as a creator of table games. They launched popular games like Vampires vs Werewolves, Berry Blast, Jackpot Holiday, Space Invasion and others. They moved on to the online sector by first acquiring Chartwell and then signing with Aristocrat to help them move those land based titles online. They made a number of other acquisitions over the years, including Cryptologic and some poker brands. They eventually sold most of them, including Chartwell and Cryptologic, which went to NYX Gaming. Another business of theirs, Cadillac Jack, was also sold in 2015.

Amaya Casino Games Features

Amaya Gaming Corp has a collection of 120+ slot machines for its players, which it mostly built through acquisitions in time. They have a poker/casino side to the business as well, so they definitely offer other types of content as well.

The software offered by Amaya loads quickly and it has all the usual major options that you’d expect, like autoplay or a lot of betting choices to make. The software is translated into 24 languages, making their games accessible worldwide to a lot of different players. It obviously helps that it also covers a large number of currencies that may be used. A lot of Amaya slots that they offer will be accessible via mobile devices, on both tablets and smartphones.

In terms of online slot games, they have a good variety of titles and plenty of unique themes for them. They have a number of branded slot machines, titles that are inspired by comic book characters like Superman or Batman, and those get a lot of attention from their players. Those are not the only slot machine themes that they cover though, and there are a lot more that have designs inspired by things like zombies, robberies, vampires, westerns, mummies and more.

They have their share of slots based on common themes as you can see, but if you’re looking for something a bit more unique, they have those as well, slots like Silent Screen, Sunday Afternoon Classics or Rickety Cricket.


The graphics that Amaya Gaming Group offers in its slot machines can vary in quality. It’s worth keeping in mind that a lot of games of theirs are coming from different developers that they acquired over the years, so the style of the design will vary a lot as a result, as it usually does even within a single developer’s collection.

Three and five reel slots are both used. When it comes to the classics, you will find some titles that have dated looks, like Spin N Win, but there are others that look better despite the older graphics style, and here I would put Space Invasion.

I’ve found plenty of good looking games as well in their collection though, and even funny ones, like The Zombies would be.


As features, Amaya generally uses the expected options in its games, but often enough I have seen them enhance the experience in some way, often by adding extra abilities. You might get free spins for example, but with increased chances to retrigger them or with other extras. Bonus games, wild symbols, scatters, these are all part of Amaya’s arsenal when it comes to slot machine design. They do seem more inclined to offer bonus games in their slots, compared with other companies.

Amaya Slots RTP and Payouts

Payout wise, it can be a bit of a mixed bag. You have games like The Zombies on one side, which offers a jackpot of 500x, while titles like Treasure of Isis delivers 40,000 coins with the right symbols in place.

The theoretical RTP of the average Amaya online slots will be somewhere around 94% or 95%, but there are both lower and higher titles in their collection. I’ve seen some go as low as 92%, but I’ve also seen a game like Aladdin’s Lamp, which has a theoretical RTP of 98%.

The progressive jackpots aren’t missing either, but they’re typically found in slot machines that are branded, especially games like Wonder Woman or Superman: Last Son of Krypton. The Mega Hero Jackpot is the one that’s worth most there, but there are a few other smaller ones as well that can be triggered.